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April 30, 2009


Nude water-gun tag getting high school seniors in trouble

(Thanks to Rob Johnson)


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Other students who were playing the game in the area weren't taken in, von Eckartsberg said, because "they weren't naked."

And in other naked news: don't drive your pickup into the emergency room while naked and on drugs, like the aptly-named Nicholas Krush.

I've often found drive-thru medical treatment to be somewhat lacking.

When clothes are outlawed, only outlaws will wear clothes.

The time is now!

I know nothing about this game being played at our local HS this year. Specifically, I don't know that my daughter is running it, and will be at the park this very afternoon handing out the squirt guns. Further, I don't know anything about the ~$200 charge on my credit card to purchase 250 squirt guns.

Wow, DPC. Ignorance is ..... expensive.

They should require them to use paint ball guns. Easier to see who is out and it would cut participation a lot.

Wow. $200 for $250 squirt guns?? That's quite a deal, Chris.

We won't be demanding photos of such non-event either.

Shipping and Handling is expensive.

Ignorance is knowing that your daughter turns 18 on Saturday and will be charged as an adult if anything "goes wrong", but your cell phone conveniently doesn't get reception most of the time, especially when the caller ID comes up as the police station.

"Oh dammit, Heather is naked. I was soooo hoping to see her in a wet t-shirt!"

Chris, I'm sure you're a proud *sniff* Dad.

I believe it was the late Charlton Heston who said, "Two-Hundred fifty dollar water guns don't squirt people, naked teenagers squirt people."

hey, those kids are all central ohioans. i bet they'd be glad to wear the "teebow" iykwim.

It's all grins and giggles until somebody's pitbull latches on to the "junk"

I recall an actual letter to the editor to a newspaper that shall remain nameless (but they carried Dave's columns about a week late) back in the '90s (the early SuperSoaker era) recommending a mandatory 7-day waiting period on the purchase of all waterarms. And it got printed, too. (No it was not mine)

The Coffman student was charged with disorderly conduct. But, with no prior arrests, he'll likely serve only community-service time through the city's diversion program, said von Eckartsberg.

Does the "But" (no pun intended) here seem a bit odd? Like they're disappointed that it will only be community service? No, really, I think 20 years hard labor is far more appropriate for this offender.

Now if a famous author we know had only included nakedness along with the watergun tag in an otherwise excellent novel he wrote, that tome would have been perfect.

Oops, where would you hide the pistol? Didn't think of that did I?

You guys know that the game in that novel was a real game, right?

Hopefully, I'll be ambushed by the woman's volleyball team, but they will be "safe", and I'll be unable to tag them back.

I can dream can't I?

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