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April 30, 2009


...you are talking Florida Gators.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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"Ladies Can Now Enjoy Wearing The Tim ‘Teebows’..."

And our Male Rams Fans Can Enjoy Wearing The Marc 'Bulgers'

"these are for the ladies... Fun and functional, these T-Backs are a sturdy blend of 90% cotton and 10% lycra, resulting in a sexy - yet athletic - undergarment perfect for that Gator Gal in your life. Buy them for your sorority (or even family) sisters, your 'better half', or................ simply for yourself!"

I guess they are not "Just for the Ladies"

Just ask your friend to give you a wedgie and save your money.

Anyone else bothered by the inappropriate and just plain wrong grammer in this?

silver - Yes. Butt wear ust 2 it.

'They're the next best thing to bleeding orange and blue...'
*Coupon for Teebow Tampons included with purchase*

I wonder what they would have done if their QB's name had been "Hardy Herpes."

"Her-Pees" Get it? Yuk - yuk.

Sorry. Just hike me the ball.

Joel Achenbach will order a dozen.

Silver...what did you expect? This the University of Florida we're talking about!!

SNORK at Old Coot!

and the link to the girl who celebrated UF's National championship by posting a pole dance on youtube was equally apropos.

QB undies is old hat:

Check out Romo & Rothlesberger-oos


hello guys,my name is Adem fron BRAZIL.



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