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April 11, 2009


Woody Harrelson claims he mistook photographer for zombie

(Thanks to Rob Barry)


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Let he who has not made the same mistake cast the first stone. Or chainsaw. I think a stone would just make the undead more upset.

Of course! I always mistake cameramen with zombies!

You've got a bigger problem than zombies when you forget to go back to real life. Holy moly. And this weird stuff about Billy Bob Thorton not wanting to be called an actor? Shish. Well, if you really don't want to be called an "actor" you might want to consider...and this is going to sound silly...not being an actot.

Because everyone knows actots are such actors.

Must have hemp.

Whatever happened to that nice boy from Indiana that worked at Cheers?
Methinks too many hemp shirts went to his head.
M'ville, I'm still laughing about BBT.

The bot zombie ate my post.

I'm guessing the movie zombies ate his brain.

And YAY for Rob!

Help! An actot took my picture!

Hey! Some of my best friends are zombies. Watch it, dude!

Usually stoned Woody is the one mistaken for a zombie. Guess it takes one to know one.

Andrea, that's what I was thinking.


♬ ♬ ♬ ♬"Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly..." ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬

Woody Harrelson has never driven down my street.

My favorite part of this story is not the weirdness of the explanation itself, but that he claimed it was "quite understandable" that he'd mistake the photog for a zombie. Woodyland must be a fun place to live.

i thought zombies went after people with brains?

Sorry, blogits. Gotta run. Moses comes on in 10 minutes. It's my annual guilty pleasure.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Is there ever a time when Woody Harrelson isn't stoned?

"Listen, I mistakenly hit him with a shovel, removed his head and threw it at the other undead creatures with "magic eyes" pointed at me. My bad."

Nepotism! I sent this in WAY before Rob.

Better to be safe than sorry, I say...

Really Guin? Because I was going to post what you did WAY before you did. And strangely enough I was going to sign your name.

snork @Cindy. Zombie telepathy!

All of you have it wrong. Woody meant he thought the photographer was Rod Argent.

Guin: me too!

For some strange reason, the blog software doesn't like the above sentence, and keeps telling me "we cannot accept this data". Sounds like more nepotism!


Slaps Guin and Chris for Siouxie as she's out doing classical music instead of her job.

Everyone knows paparazzi are vampires, not zombies.

the photographer was lucky; imagine if woody had just finished 'natural born killers'...

*eats Ron's brain*

That'll teach you not to slap a girl!

Perhaps Woody did a little too much "Lucy in the Sky,with Diamonds"??

Maybe, just maybe, he is just a jerk


*eats Ron's brain*

That'll teach you not to slap a girl!

*eats Bot's brain* *ptooey*

HEY?? Where is my emergency supply of Chianti and Fava beans??


Somebody need smacked? I'm Siouxie's backup smacker.

EB - if this Lucy were involved, things would have turned out much differently .


That would be this Lucy, of course.

I must have been getting a beer when that scene in Night of the Living Dead where all the zombies were carrying cameras came on.

One of these days, we should live-blog "The Ten Commandments".

No? Just me, then?


3-1/2 hours in and the sea still ain't parted. Gotta love this movie.

Well, Cat, it might be kind of risky.....

"A burning bush?! Man, who writes this stuff??"


Then again, I wouldn't mind seeing what Amazing Steve could do with it.

Jack Bauer would have parted the sea already. Just sayin'.

*sorry Moses*

Let my people gooooooooooooooooooooo....

And Lazarus is still dead.

If Jack parted the Red Sea, Siouxie, he would first have to set up perimeters. "Part dammit!" We'd all still be in Egypt.

heh. He said staff

Poor drownded horsies. Ramses: "Doh!"

I actually saw Woody in person about 15 years ago.

In Hanover, Indiana.

Across a crowded cafeteria.

He was at Hanover College for the Wiffle Ball Tournament.


I sent this in too! Note to self: Change last name to "Barry." (Still, father-son moments on the blog are so cute.)

Janice is right: The money quote here is "quite understandable."

I'm game for live-blogging ANY film. I'm an MST3K vet here, bring it on.

Woody Allen once rushed ZBT.

I recently saw the Zombies play with Jefferson Starship.


I kept waiting for "Zombody To Love," to no avail.


Rick Springfield still looks pretty hot.


Allen, Shaun of the Dead is hysterical. One of my daughter's favs.

Woody tore up the zombie's camera. That part I don't get. If you're going after a zombie, you have to get rid of its head, not his camera. Did he learn nothing while he was making that movie? Sheesh.

Camera steal soul. Bad. Crush.

Happy Easter, peeps!!

A show business friend told us he met Woody on a plane and they went on a low-key bar hop. He says it was an all night good time though he says Woody most certainly has his idiosyncrasies.*

What my friend found somewhat disturbing was not Woody so much as the behavior of a couple of young women upon learning his Woody's identity. (My friend's details have been deliberately withheld because it does not necessarily represent the view or opinion of this commenter.)

* Who doesn't?

Another left wing fruit cake exposed.

I dunno, Woody may have reason to be worried: http://www.tennessean.com/article/20090414/NEWS01/904140343

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