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April 27, 2009


But we have an even stricter policy of always blogging semi-naked men if we can get away with it, which we think we can, at the moment, because The Blog is on a plane.

(THANK YOU to Ginger B.)


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Dear Judi,-------------.


I was at a Super 14 game on Saturday between the Bulls from Pretoria SA and the Chiefs from Waikato in New Zealand and the only jersey swapping I was interested in were the Bulls' dancing girls.



I'm shocked.
First the "f" bomb, and now this.
; )

Too bad they aren't swapping kilts.....

When do they swap pants??

So does this mean Judi's finally sobered up, or that she hasn't?

um...it's better when you click on slow-motion replay ;-)

Actual quote:

You need to have the Flash Player ... in order to view this website

oh yeah, sioux...slow-mo is even better

*thinks the blog should be on a plane more often*

(just kidding, dave, we love you, and we miss you!)

Men should not swap jerseys. too much sweat.

And what a Flash Player it is! judi, as usual, your secret is safe with us.

*swaps richie mccaw and liam messam*

*scrubs fingerprints off of respective torsos*

*wonders who licked off most of liam's tat*

(seriously, someone should do a tongue check for ink)

Men should not swap jerseys. too much sweat.

Posted by: DaninIA

um...you say that like it's a bad thing ;)

Thanks for the day brightener, Judi...

It's too COLD for people to take shirts off here.


But, EB! Cold sometimes makes for better, um, physical topography in the shirtless. And also sometimes the shirted.

So...where was I? Thanks, judi!!

These aren't the brightest bulbs on the dashboard. They are exchanging a Ford jersey for another Ford jersey.

Is that what the shirts say?

*goes back to take another look*

Who needs bright when you get buff, Sharkie? Women can lower their standards, too!

If it were two cheerleaders swapping one Ford jersey for another Ford jersey would MartiniShark be complaining? I don't think so. Thanks for the tips on the slow motion. And thank you Judi.

Cindy, I would never tolerate a cheerleader wearing a jersey. That is what seperates me from most men - standards.

I don't know who these guys are and haven't for the last hour or so.

Hey if someone can get grant money for studying strip clubs, can we have one for studying tattoos and why the ink is disappearing?

You know women Sharkie, nothing but objectification of men trying to be appreciated for their talents.

Like those mini-skirts the other night. I hardly looked at each and every one of them for more than a minute or two...or five...or nine. But I did see three of them with tatoos.

You are VERY welcome judi.

YYYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! god bless judi-- my hero!

(nora, this weekend - fleet week in Lauderdale. You in?? email me)

fleeeeeeet weeeeeeeek ;)

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