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April 28, 2009


(Thanks to Ralph Kirshner)


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W the Trogs BAGNFA Frog B

Now be honest, how many of us would prefer a tuneful toad to Barry Manilow???

Tuneful Toad - 01
Barry Manilow - 00

We have a ton of tuneful toads around the lake behind my house. Pretty eerie sound.

(I know - Ton of Tuneful Toads -wbagnfarb)

Are they saying ABBA sounds like a toad?

I actually have an LP (that's like a CD the size of a pizza, for you younger folk), of toad and frog songs that I sit and listen to before I wander into the wild, so I can ID critters.

It's great stuff. Announcer's voice: "The Sprng Peeper.....(scratch, pop), PEEEP-PEEEEEP...."

*sits down across from CJ and the LP and passes fragrant cigarette*


"Schleswig-Holstein" WnotBAGNFARB.

We have our once a year spring frog migration here and the wheels on my car go squish squish squish...want to hear that on an album??

The toad in my backyard could be a contender!

I'm picturing CJ cooking CG a romantic dinner, candles on the table, a fine wine decanted in crystal. He bends down at the start of the meal to kiss her on the cheek and says, "I'll just go put a record on..."

oH yeah...IF he wants to live, he won't be putting anything that remotely sounds like a frog on the record player (for the youngins, it's a turntable thingy that plays those huge pizza CDs).

I can't find an international version, but there are CD's of American amphibians here.
Germany has had some unusual toad sounds that might work well in the 1812 Overture.

In keeping with our humble place in this vast and mysterious universe, Mankind should always keep in mind that toads filled the night with their exotic symphony of sounds eons before such greats as Joe Cocker and Meatloaf and Ozzie Osbourne came along... and they sound a lot better too.

This is how Prince started.

The artist formerly known as ribbit?

In his pre-celebrity days he was known as Buddy Schleswig-Holstein.

I remember when Mary Lou said, "You wanna walk me home from school?"
Well I said yes I do
She said I don't have to go right home
And I would kinda like to be alone some if you would
I said me too
And so we took a stroll and wound up down by the swimming hole
And she said do what you want to do
I got silly and found a frog in the water by a hollow log
And I shook it at her and I said, "This frog's for you." She said,

I don't like spiders and snakes
And that ain't what it takes to love me
You fool, you fool
I don't like spiders and snakes
And that ain't what it takes to love me
Like I wanna be loved by you

Had that one on a 45. For you infants, a 45 is like a 99 cent iTunes song, except you got a freebie on the flip side.


Flip side as in, turn it over, and there's another song on the back of the CD the size of a personal pizza.

"Froggie went a'courtin' he did go....."

YAY Cat!!! miss you around here, girlfriend.

Hi Siouxie! I miss you too. Work is seriously cutting into my blog time!

Well, Cat, we can't have that!!

Hey Diva! Looks like you guys had yourselves quite a weekend! All kinds of shenanigans going on all over the place!

Hey, Cat - guess we're nightshift only now.

I got to "in the glorious tradition of ABBA" and had to stop.

CJ - I had the cassette version of "Toads and Frogs of Mississippi." Played it on the PA system at work.

For the children:A 45 was that little vinal disc with the big hole in the middle that replaced the 78.
All of our 78's were used as substitutes for clay pigeons.

can't even begin to explain what a cassette is to the young'ns.

punkin, yes!!!!!!


This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.


Baby Gear

George, you are so on target.

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