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April 24, 2009


This has probably already been blogged, but it's important enough to blog twice.

(Thanks to Andy Walker)

Semi-related Update

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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You know, this sort of thing could take most fraternity houses completely off the grid.

Just what we need, more farts!

Wasn't Australia going to tax sheep farts?

Judi, as you are aware, this country is going through difficult economic times and companies are having to find ways to save money. As a result some very difficult decisions need to be made on occassion, but firing you has nothing to do with the economy so it is a very easy thing to do.

*SMACKS* MartiniShark for Judi.

So if we have a very large group of archea struck by lightning,will the resulting fart be nuclear by volume?

Esteemed Penn State Scientists,
I believe it is possible that you have misread our latest memo which stated the need for reducing methane and creating electricity not using electricity to create methane.
Sincerely yours,

Somewhere in my head I'm hearing millions of tiny voices piping, "Don't tase me bro!"

*checks meds*

Sounds like good meds.

I release energy in your general direction.

So it's wind power, basically.

Archea are older, and more primitive, than bacteria, lacking a nucleus and other cellular machinery including butts.

So this could just as easily be called a "burp" machine as a "fart" machine. I'll take the beer. You all can have the beans.

Imagine what we'd get if we zap them with beer!?

I can't remember if this is Boyle's or Charle's law;

The volume of a given mass of gas rises or falls by 1/273 for every 1 degree rise or fall in temperature.

Mot, that is Charle's law. Boyle's law is about pressure.

My Denise likes just about anything that includes farting. She blames her Dad for that.

Gee, I can't remember either, Mot.

In regards to the toilet seat, I can only say The Nano Modules wbagnfarb.

They had the inventor of this toilet seat on the radio the other morning and had me cracking up just thinking about it.

I thought micro farts came from micro breweries.

You missed the two key questions:

1) Is it silver-plated?
2) Is it remote controlled?

Hmmm, everyone knows not to let me have too much Italian food and definitely NOT pizza, but beer has never been a problem. Go figure.

(re: "Breezy Seat")

Being a person of the male species, the idea of a toilet seat equipped with multiple fast-spinning propeller blades in a bit unnerving.

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