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April 28, 2009


Team co-captain Dusty Becker said Monday that while he was sorry, he didn’t see a problem with the team’s recent behaviors.

(Thanks to oneblankspace)


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Nekkid frisbee? What do they use to catch the...ohhhhhh.


“To run around naked is just kind of a hippie, ultimate thing,” Becker said Monday. “We didn’t think there was anything wrong at the time.”

That time being what?? The 60's??

If he plays in the dirt, is he Dusty Pecker?

*snork* BFF!!

'“I came to the UO to play Frisbee,” said Kenton, a senior history major.'

Apparently I went to the halls of higher learning for all the wrong reasons.

"...and most of them will be going pro in something other than sports." Indeed.

“Speeding, drinking, nudity — they’re not bad things,” he told the executive committee.

And who says kids never learn anything in college? I bet this kid's a political science major. Or pre-med. Whatever.

Another key quote:

“Not only are they the best players in the country, but they’re the most classy on and off the field.”

I think the key was the sensitivity training that they took from the rugby club.

Leave it to the Diucks.

U of O Ducks vs. OSU Beavers
In any event, weirdness is going to happen.

Those Ducks can't lick our Beavers. Just sayin.

That's right, Cheryl - their bills get in the way. :P

"The Ultimate Mystery: Popular Sport Beats SATs at ranking Universities Academically

A study being released September 1 of all private national universities shows that their ranking in Ultimate Frisbee edges out both SATs and grades as a predictor of academic performance! Those ranked in the top half for Ultimate have a graduation rate of over 85%, while those in the bottom half just 60%. The top seven have nearly as many Rhodes scholars and Marshall scholars as all others combined."


UMass, the local 'big' university, has a long history in Ultimate, dating back to when I attended (when the Frisbees were made of bronze forged in a firepit).. but I have to admit that (as far as *I* know) the nekkidness was never a part of it here..

They were confused and thought the Wham-O on the frisbee was spelled Sham-Wow. (see, the spokesperson for that product was found naked with a hooker and ... oh nevermind)

This is excellent preparation for the real world of professional athletics.

Erm, Cheryl? 65-38. I'd call that a licking.

As a proud Duck, I'd like to point out that our mascot never wears pants. Those people over at state just don't understand proud academic tradition.

*will have to make further inquiries regarding wife's Hampshire College Ultimate Frisbee experiences*

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