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April 28, 2009


If you’ve ever had a good, long look at the human phallus...

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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I try to keep my eyes shut - and think of England.

And to think he probably got a grant to study the topic.

Would somebody please tell me how to get a position on one of these research teams?

"Punkin Poo and the Bulbous Glans" WBAGNFARB.

How does this help me better write my name in the snow?

and work your way backward

I think that's illegal here in Georgia. NTTAWWT!

I'm not going to comment.I would probably wind up in jail.

Those are definitely some findings that will have to be reproduced.

So to speak.

Hey, I sent this in, too. Are the s.b. and/or The Blog not getting my e-mails? (Judi, whatever it was, I'm sorry!)

A competing theorem:

The preponderance of the glans on the male member may also have developed to aid in feminine pleasure during coitus. As it travels inward the glans - should it reach such a point - can come into contact with the anterior pubic bone and stimulate the Grafenberg spot, the female erogenous organ located therein, leading to mutual pleasure for the couple.

This is not from another document but from my own field research.

NurseCindy, since you are a professional, I'm offering to sign you up in my research project AT NO CHARGE! What a deal!

Das Grafenberg!

His ear! An orangutan! In his ear! I haven't read the rest of the article. I'm stuck on that ear part. I have had a dog get affectionate with my leg, but... in his ear. I bet his gf knows which ear is was and only kisses the other one.

Gee Allen what an offer! Thanks. When do I start? What kind of research project is it or do I need to ask?

..and the author is gay (NTTAWWT). And gets to write a "scientific" article about trips tp the adult store and getting poked in the ear by an orang...

oh, seen one, seen em all..... gentlemen, get over yourselves.

Paging Dr. Wanker, Dr. Wanker. Please report to the supply closet immediately!

Actually queensbee... As an RN who worked in the ER and OR, I've probably seen more than my share and trust me they are not all alike. Yes gentlemen, we nurses do look and if you're exceptional we gossip about it also.

notices that the recipe for semen is one ingredient away from white sauce. changes dinner plans to pizza.

Reads recipe and suddenly is happy to have given up bad carbs.

Allow me to be the first to say: ew.

Cindy, I will contact you discreetly about the "position" that is "opening"... *G*

"Semen displacement theory" would, obviously, be a great name for a feminist punk band.

But in spite of the fact that this particular evolutionary psychologist (yours truly) is gay

I never would have guessed a male whole wrote a 3 page article on phalluses is gay. Is phalluses the correct pluralization of phallus?

Actually it's PHALLI, you know, with One Eye.

**SNORK** @ Martini !!!!!

This is all well and good, but why is Al Franken shaped the way he's shaped ?

A hole new mental image for "cheerfull little earfull"

I've found if you take a good long look at a phallus, it begins to grow of its own accord.

...measuring on average between five and six inches in length and averaging about five inches in circumference.

*re-reads sentence*

Circumference. Not diameter, Cat, circumference.

*wonders if she is the only one who read every word of the article*

*Hums tune by Thomas Dolby*

It's poetry in motion...

*wonders why Meanie is humming "One of our Submarines is Missing"*

Telecom - and if you keep glaring, it shrivels up and goes away.

Ah, the squeegie theory. I'll have to bring that up next time mine is a conversation piece.

great...my alma mater taking on the alma pater.

Can't believe no one mentioned my own favorite line:

I once spent a summer with a 450-pound silverback gorilla that was hung like a wasp (great guy, though)

He means: NTTAWWT.

By the way, we had a great time at Jazzfest. If you ever get a chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Scott - oh, I was thinking batting my eyelashes and pouting, combined with a *good, long look* - works everytime. Glaring is for non-verbal combat, usually in public, with no phallus in view. (thereby saving face, in case shrinkage occurs)

Jeff - or in the South - "Bless his heart".

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