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April 30, 2009


Mr. T called for jury duty

(Thanks to Chaim Schneider)


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I pitty the fool!

Mr. T lives in Chicago? Who knew?

And is he officially "Mr. T" on the voting rolls?

Yet Pudsey Bear was denied a passport! Unfair.

as long as he doesnt have to get on an airplane....

This article has some good quotes. I pitty the fool who don't know it's about the J Team.

Life imprisonment would seem more fitting.

I'd worry his abundance of gold chains would set off the courts' metal detector.

*Wonders if he ever tries to swim with those on*

*realizes she's wondering about Mr T and applies for her own life*

Poor Punkin. I think it's time for a nice vacation.

nursecindy - How about Mexico?

Now if only we could get him on 24...

Ummmmmm. Not Mexico. I say we go and stay at Siouxie's house for a week.

That B*****d broke my heart. ......

But damn he looks good naked.

"Watcha looking at sucker?"

Ah piddy da foo.

It could be worse. "Howling Mad" could be the jaywalker's attorney.

I love it when a plan comes together.

It's best not to remember Mr. T.

Sondra Cartwright is defending herself in the case.

...a fool for a client

New Mickey Spillane novel... " T - The Jury " ...?

Was it a hung jury?

(I'm on my jury duty lunch break right now.)

stevie, just tell him they're ALL guilty!!!

I Winnie the Pooh.



20 'suspect' cases of the swine mexican taco bell (insert latest name here) flu have been confirmed in South Florida.



a dubious honor indeed....

"the only living person besides President Obama to have a Chia pottery figure modeled after him"

oh yeah...no need to panic.

Lighten up, Siouxie. Take two margaritas and call me in the morning.

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