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April 22, 2009


There's definitely a cat up my tree, or something.

  Forty22 fire dade ntb


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What happened, did Dave get called out to a meeting or something and the S.B. quickly posted when he wasn't looking? At least Judi refrained from using a hose reference. (Siouxie, that was your cue.)

If anyone needs me, I'll be burning my kitchen.

Um..judi?? how come WE were not at that luncheon???

OH yeah...nice hose ;-P

actually, the videographer was begging us to go with him but there was no way i could justify being gone for that long... even though I could have gotten photos for your blog ladies much earlier in the day.

Siouxie's cookin' Naked Wings naked + Cock Soup naked, er Cock Wings & Naked Soup. Naked. And there WILL be smoke...

what if there's a bustle in my hedgerow?

You could have said you were doing very important blog research.

Judi is just trying to make up for all of the gratuitous Victoria's Secret links Dave posted in the 24 thread the other day. I believe she still has a ways to go to catch up. Post away Judi...

Screw the kitchen, I'm going to burn my bed, now.

The calendar said 'firefighters'.

Where are the women firefighters?

[With apologies to Judi for her predilictions]

Yes Sir! Work it baby. I got a fire right here for ya!! I mean, nice calendar. Very tastefully done. Thanks judi.

I am considering having a potty training emergency.

Thank you Judi.

Thanks Judi ! That woke me right up !

*I had to get up at 4:30am today to send Mr. Telecom and his BFF to Miami for their annual dive trip. Wish I could get them to say hi to y'all, but they'll only be there tonight, then off to the Keys they go.*

**seriously, NO competition for those fire fighters, but wonderful, fun guys, nonetheless**

Tel, you just didn't want them meeting us crazies. Fess up!

Wish I could be there Siouxie. Promise if you find a good looking guy in a kilt you'll send me a picture okay?

Um, no, I was afraid what HE may tell YOU about ME !!! I've carefully built this online sophisticated, worldly, witty, sexy persona, but one word from him, and you'd know the jig was up.

LOL Tel - I had the same online persona! Unfortunately, too many bloggers have met me already ;-P

All those Hunky Firefighters!

I'm surprised the place didn't spontaneously bust into flames!


Anybody else notice that the blog guys are suspiciously guiet on this post? With the exception of one or two. Now if this were about an all female firefighters calendar we would be on page two of typepad by now.

Yeah...typical, cindy.

Besides, Tel - you're busy this weekend.

Judi - is THAT what they're calling it these days?

Hey sbelle!! I hear you guys are planning a get together as well. Make sure to take lots of pics! We'll do the same.

It's highly commendable that at no time did the bloggals resort to tasteless comments like firefighters specialise in getting pussys out of trees.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, thou spamist. are your wares as careful to detail? gah.

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