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April 06, 2009


Expensive jewelry.  Right?

Barbie necklace 

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Honey, I love you as much as I love Barbie's cut out boobs. Her is tokin of both.

Throws an e onto Her = Here

Oooo something shiny pointy...Barbie booby necklace.

I dunno about the Barbie stuff, but the sparklee kind worked for Kobe Bryant.

Of course he was a baaaaad boy....

Check out those prices. The Barbie boob necklace is $4300.00. I'd rather have a nice diamond necklace.

There must be some reason that these are featured at Tiffany.

There's a market out there for this stuff,folks.Now sit and try to imagine the type of people that are buying.


oops wrong post

You know those necklaces with half a heart pendant, and then a matching other half pendant necklace? How about the same idea with Ken and Barbie genitals? Oh, wait...

New Amputee Barbie from Mattel will be out for spring.

From the Mike Tyson "I'm Sorry" collection. Imagine what it would look like if it was a Capture-Your-Heart pendant.

*groansnork* @ Meanie!

Those things cost an arm and a leg. I too prefer jewels.

Eeewwww. Hannibal Lecter-inspired jewelry.

Of course, Dismembered Barbie WBAGNFARB, unless it already is one?

And am I the only one who found the hand earrings particularly creepy?

Those hand earrings seem very halloweeny. Not hollow weinie, ladies, those are different earrings.

Oh, I must have the boobeh pendant!

I need to make these.

I'll just tell the Granddaughter that Barbie & Ken eloped in the Barbie convertable.

The Tyson special would be all ears.

So...then the "Lorena Special" would be all ...um...


Posted by: nursecindy "Check out those prices. The Barbie boob necklace is $4300.00. I'd rather have a nice diamond necklace."

For $4300.00 I could get a bunch of real boobies. :-)

Wishing I hadn't made my daughter throw out all those naked, headless Barbies (which my kids, for some inexplicable reason, called "corn-a-cobs." There is a reason I hang out on this blog.)

Who knew I could have made THOUSANDS of bucks cutting off her boobies, hands, tootsies...who needs a head???

wonders why no barbie butts.

As the gallery who shows that EXPENSIVE necklace, be assured, some customers are appalled, some laugh, some get nostalgic, many buy. Wear Margaux Lange's jewelry and you'll immediately be engrossed in a conversation. Jewelry for the adventurous!


oh my god, i never saw a necklace so Expensive like this. Amazing design.

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