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April 30, 2009


Now the bastards are using birds, which in turn are using fish.

(Thanks to Tomfor)


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I still think the squirrels are behind it all, Dave.

Isn't it strange how men always have to exaggerate the size of their fish, as with certain parts of their anatomy?

*waves at Mot* I'm still on a high from talking to you on Saturday!! :D :D *giggle*

An avid fisherman at Hanard's plant identified the fish as a chub; Salem Electric's crew thinks it was a carp.

it was OBVIOUSLY neither of the above, but a flying fish!

That was great fun TooDees. It should be standard prctice at all blog gatherings for those unable to attend, and it's so easy to do. Video and audio in real time.

I just can't wait till we have a gathering in South Africa, Mot! You think you and the Mrs. Hoople can put us all up? (Or, more to the point, can put up with all of us?) ;-D

Hey, the Osprey doesn't like sushi. Frying was the answer.

It's what's for dinner: fried squirrel and flying carp.

The voltage is falling! The voltage is falling!

Fish brain: " I'm free ! I'm free ! ( ZAP ! ) "
Well, life is like that.

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