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April 08, 2009


One of the ladies in my online book club (where we were discussing the junk that is in our basements) said she had Earring Magic Ken in hers.

Key quote since The Blog is out of town: "On closer inspection, Ken's entire Earring Magic outfit looks like three-year old rave wear. A Gaultier purple faux-leather vest, a straight-out-of-International-Male purple mesh shirt, black jeans and shoes."

(Thanks to Poe, since the Ladies of the Blog are failing miserably in their submission of dodgy sites)


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**wiping tears from eyes**

where we were discussing the junk that is in our basements...
I don't even want to know what that means...

... or whose...


rut roh

Steve, you're in deep caca....again!

So... simply throwing up a doesn't work anymore ...

(makes a note of that)

I know 'bout the junk in my trunk.

That's what you get when you let a woman design a man. Pastel Ken, The Swishin' Magician.

Poe, huh??

NTTAWWT, of course.

If anyone needs me, I'll be looking for dodgy sites doing some blog research.

The Sack of Amontillado?

The Rave-in?

The Pit and the Pendulous?

The Telltale Harlot?

Glad to see the book club wouldn't actually be discussing, say, BOOKS!...

Hey! It's fixed!!

That will be $175.00, ma'am...

Well, it WAS fixed, for about 30 seconds...

Poor Ken. No job, no car, no dream house, and no nuts.

Butt...he's got a shiny c*ck ring.

Can "Cougar Barbie" be far behind?

I believe she has her own show now...

for judi.

*wuz kinda hoping that his "Earring Magic Ken" was worth more than $47.00*

Hey, it was a gift...

I was also wondering about the *ahem* ring he's wearing around his neck, considering there's no discernible genitalia... NTTAWWT...

That's the infamous Alternative Lifestyle Ken! I would think he'd be worth more than $47. Worth hanging onto awhile longer (ha!)-- he's a collectible.

wow, that scroll over enlargement feature on the international male link is quite nice. just sayin.


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