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April 30, 2009


(Thanks to B'game)


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Pffft. Give him seconds.

I vote to have "Bubba" help him out ;-P

Bubba or 4000 lbs of ammonium nitrate

How about a nice bidet? "Accidentally" hooked up to a fire hose?

That was my nicest idea for this piece of schmutz. The rest were from Vlad the Impaler's "Too Gruesome Even for Me" notebook.

HA! He blames the food. The likly cause is "Bubba" repacking him everynight.

Go Bubba Go!

Just wait til he blows up.

How about instead of spending extra money for prison food we all chip in to buy Bubba some Viagra?

Prison Officials have responded by supplying Mr. Nichols with a more managable soap-on-a-rope

As a nurse I can think of a couple of ways to unclog Mr. Nichols. All of them painful. padraig, I would chip in on the Viagra.

I vote for the 4000 lbs of ammonium nitrate
^5 zapogee

This past Sunday I ran in the 9th annual Oklahoma City Memorial race for the victims of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

I'm sure plenty of the 19,000 or so participants can think of ways to alleviate this guys predicament.

Poor guy. His claims that refined foods are detrimental to ones health really strike a cord, don't they? I'm not an angry person but I could slap him.

Obviously, it's a government conspiracy. He needs to start a violent movement.

He should have departed on the same outward bound given to McVeigh.

Maybe he should start caring for others and not himself what a freaking loser food causing him health issues. next thing you know he won't be getting enough.

I do NOT pity the fool!

A government constipiricy.

He gets more food than a lot of people who haven't killed anyone. I think he's getting too much whine and jeez.

This is a great argument against the death penalty. You want someone to pay for their crime and not get to enjoy life? How's about "Constipation for Life" as a sentence?

Tough SH*T

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