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April 27, 2009


Pigs on the lam.


(Thanks to Ralph Kirshner and Janice Gelb)


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Yeap. That pretty much looks like the scene as we head off to the all-you-can-snarf buffet.

lamb? i don't see any lamb.

I cannot come up with a comment about Congress letting out for the Spring session without sounding like Mark Russel.

Once again, firefighters rescuing naked pigs... What's next: a burning bacon story?

Somewhow I don't think the Running of the Pigs will ever have the same feel as the Running of the Bulls.

So THAT'S how the terrorists are spreading the pig flu! Can Jack Bauer stop them!?!

They just don't make Westerns like the used to when John Wayne was alive.

A Disney movie come to life!...

I hope someone brought sunscreen.

How big was this lorry?

Check out the link on the same page to the face painting artist's work. Really cool and creepy.

Members of the United States House of Representatives headed for a vote on the new Obama Stimulus Package.

Lotta pork in that package...so yeah.

Run pigs run!! Also did anybody notice the organ donor doll on the same page with this? I'm all for organ donation but the doll is creepy.

Methinks you're for a lot of pork in different packages, Siouxie!

They are stampeding in blind fear because someone told them there was an outbreak of Human Flu.

Swine flew?


"Wylene, cover the yunguns' eyes!"

When pigs fly!!

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