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April 30, 2009


Girl beats off muggers with marching band baton

(Thanks to DavCat and N1LUL)


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Yeah...well...the baton girl at my high school graduated early, was rumored to be with Sylvester Stallone in Paris (the photos were inconclusive), and wound up on the cover of the swimsuit issue of one of Sports Illustrated's competitors.

Is that how Baton Rouge got it's name?

That's gotta hurt. Although I guess some guys are into that kind of thing, or so I've heard.

Ow ow ow ow owieee ow. Ouch.

Could be worse. I hear some of the blog ladies beat off guys with machetes.

"...looking for a man who was holding his bloodied nose and (his) limping....baton"

wiredog, only the ones that deserve it ;-P

All but one (she was a sax player) of my girlfriends twirled something in the band front, so I can certainly understand the appeal.

I was a majorette in high school. I always figured the reason that batons were so heavy was to protect ourselves from the 'cool' kids that made fun of us. These guys are lucky she didn't have her fire batons with her.

The story doesn't specify whether it was a twirling baton or the much more massive mace of a drum major. Either way, it's a victory for band geeks everywhere ("geeks" used in a proud rather than negative sense.) Band kids are the greatest--they are the smartest, funniest and nicest students in any school.

You don't mess with us cheerleaders either...!

The moral to this story is don't mess with the marching band girls

I love the inference that there are acceptable demographics for mugging ibn the country.

One little word, just one little word...

I think I saw that playing in Times Square before they cleaned it up.


Go Band Girl!

"Deputies searched near Quartz Hill High School for the muggers, looking for a man who was holding his bloodied nose and the other limping."

Also with contented lazy smiles.

One time, at band camp...

Didn't Winston Churchill say, "Muggers are criminals off with which a cheerleader should not beat."

See, a little attention to grammar and nobody would of had nothing to embarrassed of.

Excuse me, "be" embarrassed of. Wouldn't want you folks to think I was epigrammatical.

I immediately emailed this to my Jr. High Drum Major.

Once a band geek, always a band geek. You go, girl!

Sub editors...
aiming to amuse with every issue
english excruciators / excruciatrix?

padraig, loved the winnie "off with which a..."

Good for her! I just watched the Sandra Bullock movie where she's an FBI agent in a beauty pageant, and for her "talent" she demonstrates self-defense on some hapless wuss and knocks him cold.

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