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April 27, 2009


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Next thing you know, they'll be putting moustaches on horses.

no more stumbling over the dog at night.

Forget the bedroom, i'm tired of tripping over my black dog when I get up from the campfire. I want one!!!

(Do they come in purple?)

Snoopy's younger brother Nitelite.

Replace your backyard floodlights with uv lights, et voila! Buddy is easily found when he hoes out for those nighttime "visits"...

Frak! "g" for "h"!!!

Needless to say "Fluorescent Puppy" wbagnfarb...

Actually I now have a mini-schnauzer puppy who can turn invisible. I get out of the shower in the morning, realize something's licking the water off my feet, scream, and by the time I look down she's disappeared.

Oh! Boy! A glowpug.

They already have put moustaches on horses.

From Laurel and Hardy's "Flying Deuces":


Have Judi and Siouxie sobered up yet?

Hey Allen. Aren't you a scientist? I think it would be neat if they could make these so that they could be red for Christmas, green for St. Patricks Day, pink for Easter. Or if you could match them to your decor! I'm watching way too much HGTV.

Great idea. We need this, for rabbit hunting at night.

Do they turn on and off when you clap??

wiredog?? I can only speak for myself...I am.

Cindy, I'm thinking a different mineral wash (which will fluoresce different colors) on different occasions. Pink and green are easy.

Oh, I get it--you weren't serious. Awww.

First to wonder why nobody's made a "hounds of hell" comment...

...Personally, I'll hold out for a glow-red-in-the-dark Doberman or Rottweiler. Imagine the look on a burglar's face when he crawls through a window and finds himself face-to-glowing-red-face with one of THOSE in a darkened room...

Cool! How awesome it would be to have a puppy that glows red.

On the other hand, how about something useful, genetically engineer them so they taste bad to coyotes and mountain lions?

So it wasn't that major a party then. Not like the ones I went to in college. I think. I don't actually remember them that clearly. Or the weeks following them. Or college.

*Warning: Science content*

If, instead of splicing in urchin DNA, they spliced in squid DNA they could make a puppy that changes color.

Also, if they can splice these genes into tumor cell DNA, then doctors could operate by removing anything that glowed under UV, and they would know that they had gotten all of the cancer.

I'd like to see a dalmatian version of this.

Or, Dread Pirate Chris, they could just find a cure for cancer instead of turning doggies into glow worms.

"Red puppies!
Don't come when you call 'em.
Red puppies!
Ain't no fun."

One pup,
Two pup,
Red pup,
Blue pup!

*Thinking Blue's Clues may want in on this*

Now, if you named your dog Red, or Blue - it will make sense.

"Here, Fuschia!!" (sp?)

What do you think of my new earrings?

Cute earrings wiredog but the necklace and leash are a bit much.

Can the pink handcuffs be far behind?

Fluorescent Beagles would be a good name for a rock band.

I already have furry pink handcuffs Meanie. Oh wait. You meant wiredog didn't you? Never mind.

I never mind, nc.

*Did I say that out loud?*


♫ You've got a brand new pair of pink handcuffs;
I've got a brand new key...♬

With the time I'm having getting my non-mutant puppy to do her bidness out of doors, I don't think I want a puppy that can shoot laser beams out of its eyes.

Will the pee spots glow?

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