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April 29, 2009


What are you doing about the swine flu?
The what?
Duh: beer.
I am going about my normal routine, albeit with much wetter underpants.
I am having WAY less sex with animals.
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Me? I'm coughing and sneezing more around LOUD CELLPHONE TALKERS.

Eating more bacon to gain an immunity.

I've stopped breathing in.

I stopped drinking Mexican Wine (don't want Mexico's Wine Flu)

I'm consuming mass quantities of alcoholic beverages. Isn't alcohol a disinfectant??

i'll be keeping Kosher.

I'll be using wet underpants as a chic new breathing mask.

I wish I could say I'm doing something, but I'm just going to work and going home like usual.
Being a grown up sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

If we're all gonna die anyways, can we just have one big blog orgy?

I voted for having way less sex with animals. NTTAWWT.

I had all my swine vaccinated.

Soux is goin' out if this world the same was she came in: nekkid, screaming, and kind of slippery.

exchanges a 'y' for an 's'. they're not even close to each other.

Forget Swine Flu. Now I'm worried about those of you having sex with animals. Siouxie the only way way to leave this world is screaming, naked, slippery, and unable to stand or sit up straight.
That's my plan.

It's more fun if you change the question to "Jack Bauer, what are you doing about your bioweapon infection?"

I got my pearls vaccinated before my swine. Was that wrong?

lipstick anyone?

I'm going to eat ,drink and make Merry.And Susan,and Alice,and Elizabeth.And-----.

Swine flew? I gess now I have to make good on all those "when pigs fly" remarks...

I caught a cold instead of Swine Flu. Darned airplane air.

I caught the, uh, swine flu, heh. Guess I can't ketch it no more. woof

I have increased my chocolate intake.

Montpelier. Clearly Montpelier.

Hiya bali! Good one! :D

Heck, I'M not worried!!

I got MY swine flu vacination during the Gerry Ford administration.

Smiling and shaking hands with any and all swine, as I promised during my campaign.

I picked this time to try and get a new apartment. In a much more populated area. It seemed like a splendid idea at the time.

Sex with animals info is here. NSFW. Not safe for anything, actually.

I'm washing my hands more thoroughly after sex with animals.

Chocolate covered bacon!!

TMZ asked Paris if she was worried about swine flu. She replied, "I don't eat that."

I saw that too Annie. What a bimbo.
Oh yeah. *SMACKS* Meanie. Stop that! And I'm not saying where I smacked him.

That'll do, Meanie. That'll do.

not that i wish ill (no pun intended or was it) on any of my co-workers but a case or 2 here would probably close us down for a day or 2. i wouldnt mind a few days off.

Avoiding congress with all Congresspersons, or swine, which is which I can hardly tell. And don't ask.

Snork! @ bali!

I reread what Meanie said. I think what he meant to say was the he will no longer go to Montpelier to drink beer due to the fact it makes him wet his pants when he's pushed into having sex with animals. Which of course means he has to wash his hands with an antibacterial soap which also kills good bacteria. Therefore this will reduce his chances of getting the Swine Flu. Does that sound about right Meanie?

nursecindy, are you talking about Meanie or House?

Meanie. I feel bad because I gave him a virtual *SMACK* on a place that was not his hands or face.

Just stop swining.

i'm putting those little face mask dealies on all my pigs.

actually, i take that back. i'm going with viral marketing for 400 alex.

Wondering why The Who are in charge.

♪ I got you, Babe... ♫

*Who knew NurseC had a foot fetish?*

Please don't look at the front of my pants. It's just a spill...from lunch...nothing more.

I draw the line at having carnal relationships with cloven hoofed animals.

I'm going to an all-you-can-eat Bra-B-Que joint and stuff my craw. That way I'll become innoculated, right?

I'm hoping that with all the porcine spending that was shoehorned into the "Emergency Spending Bill" it has made Washington completely susceptable and we'll soon see an outbreak inside the Beltway. A man can dream.

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