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April 30, 2009


Shadowhare is on the job.

With all due respect to Shadowhare, he would last maybe nine seconds in Miami.

(Thanks to Alison McQuade)


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ShadowHare? Does he also go by "Harvey"?

Wasn't this a recent episode of South Park?

So, he subdues evildoers by making them collapse into a giggling fit? Is that it?

From the City of Seven Hills that brought you Jerry Springer.

The local news here (NYC) showed this guy and his "cohorts" last night and it was really kind of sad. They meant well, clearly, but seemed like silly teenagers who'd be better off getting out of their moms' basements and going to school or getting a real job.

... and Master Legend in Florida.

Dave - please find this guy and do a REAL interview.

Chris, how do we know that DAVE isn't Master Legend? Writer by day, crime fighter by night.


Can't be Dave. Master Legend doesn't wear a blue shirt. Besides, if Rolling Stone can get an interview, Dave shouldn't have any problems at all.

Thanks, I'll stick with the red-blue blur, whoever he is...

By day he is a mild-mannered pet store stock boy, but from his parent's basement secret lair he becomes Cincinnati's hope against crime.

"We will intervene on crimes if there is one happening in front of us". Kind of a hero by convenience there, isn't he?

There's no need to fear ....!

Further proof that all good crime-fighting superhero names are taken. Even Matter-Eater Lad seems credible now (or will, in the 30th Century, after he's born ... and doesn't that make you wonder how his matter-eating mom will deal with her "pregnancy pounds"?)

Yeah, right. Tell this dude to go to a little area of Miami called Opa-locka. There's a few blocks there called "The Triangle" that in the past 10 years has had more homicides per square mile than any area in the US. That cracker-assed cape crusader would be full of holes faster than he could say, "HALT! I'm Shadooooooooooo....Arggg.."

But Underdog would kick ass.
; )

Brian, and YOU'd get to take his picture!! How cool would that be???

I prefer Super Chicken!

I remember Super Chicken. Great old animation.

But I'm SURE that you're not old enough to remember Chickenman. I still have an LP of Chickenman from about a bazillion years ago.
"He's everywhere, He's everywhere!"


(I forget how to imbed a link)

Seriously, haven't any of these people read Watchmen? Masked crime-fighters without super powers rarely end well.

Brian's linky

All those idiots are probably going to get blown away, like Captain Freedom did on Hill Street Blues.

Bet this guy has a WOW Hut.

The odds are also running infinity-to-1 that he is single.

He's everywhere! He's everywhere!

They seek him here.
They seek him there.
Those Cinncies seek him everywhere!
Is he in Northbrook?
Is he in Rensselaer?
That demn'd elusive Shadowhare.

*Applauds Horace and toss him a red flower.*

tosses, too

'This face, which earned a mother's fear and loathing, a mask, my first unfeeling scrap of clothing...'

poor wabbit

You know, as giggle-inducing as this guy may be, I admire his willingness to sacrifice his own safety - and dignity! - to help other people. Also, seeing how many people use a bad childhood as an excuse to commit crimes themselves, it's encouraging to see a guy that uses it as motivation to help other people.

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