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April 28, 2009


Controversy has erupted over a painting depicting a self-pleasuring gerbil.

And yes, "The Self-Pleasuring Gerbils" would be a good name for a rock band.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Self pleasuring??!?
Richard Gere would beg to differ.

What? no pictures?

Without a picture we can only assume he was merely applying Viagra

Ehhhh everyone's a critic...

See kids,we know different now don't we?He's either reverse engineering his penis shape or he's rubbing nanoparticles in to correct a problem area.
This blog is SO educational.

"The bone of contention"


(Incidentally, I think "Bone of Contention" would be a good name for the first record put out by the Self-Pleasuring Gerbils.)

I doubt this is biologically accurate, given the way these creature procreate.

Just the puns alone make this not worth reading.

Do gerbils have, you know, "Walters"?

Lairbo, gerbils have Wallys.

Animal p_rn?

i'll have what they're having.

They already have the hairy palms and judging by the way they run on those little wheels I'm assuming they're insane too.

Happy Day-of-the-Candle Cindy! Hope you get to wear your birthday sui today, that is what it is for after all.t

(Fires a "t" with a crossbow for "suit")

Cindy - 'tis thy birthday?! Well have a happy!!!

Thank you Sharkie and Diva. I'm already wearing my birthday suit so I'm one step ahead of you MS.


And here I was so sure a *guy* painted that painting.

After giving pleasure to so many, don't you think the poor little f&*^%rs deserve some pleasure themselves. And BTW, 12 year olds know all about playing with themselves.

Cindy, have a blast and to hell with the consequences.

Thanks Siouxie and Mot.

Happy Birthday y'all.

Since you are already undressed for the day Cinders it seems you have the makings of your profile pic for FB.

Hee hee Cindy's in for a birthday debriefing!!

Whack-a-mole. Whack-a-gerbil.

Not much dif.

I volunteer to administer the spankings!

Me too, Siouxie.Spanky,spanky,spanky.How many Cindy.Or don't you care.Just a lot?

I believe that decision is up to the birthday gal (warms hands up in case).

Cheese, between the story & the blogs i counted at least 10 puns, & none of them made me laugh: No pun in ten did.
*dives behind couch*

Oh & happy birthday nursecindy:
Keep healing wounds & wounding heels
(im all ready behind the couch)

What's my motivation ?

HBD, Cindy!

Thanks everybody. As for my age. Age is just a number and mine is unlisted. I will say I'm a lot younger than Dave. (Maybe I should duck now.)

Any age is a good age, when you consider the alternative.

Happy Birthday, Cindy !
Hope you have a wonderful day, and that you are treated like the Queen you are !

Just slightly OT - we were talking about you @ the Blogit gathering, and it was unanimously decided that you are a very funny and clever and welcome addition to the crowd !!

*looks at post, and runs from room, ducking, before the exclamation point police come after me*

*pictures 'The Blogit Gathering' as mysterious Anonymous 24 'conference call'*

... Oh! You said 'Unanimous'...


happy birthday cindy. i got you a some really tasteful gerbil porn.

crossgirl, maybe you can put a link to another fine gift item - ya know...what you sent me??


Sorry I'm late for the party, this damn job....(mumble-mumble) I'll be very diplomatic and not ask your age.


"A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age."
-- Robert Frost

Ya'll are all so sweet. Thanks for making my day special.

For those that asked, see the painting here! ( you have been warned)

The Self-Pleasuring Gerbil School is known for its unique stroke techniques.

Please add a Happy Birthday wish from me, NurseC.

DavCat's link - The horny gerbil

Very colorful.

Happy B'day cindy. You know you don't have to keep those AARP letters.

My bruttha.

Potent rodent.


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