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April 27, 2009



(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Virtual Afterlife WBAGNFAPB

Resting In Peace means never having to answer a bleeping device!

If only Harry Houdini had used Twitter.


So I can still bug all my relatives with annoying e-mails even after I'm dead...?

Sign me up. Not.

Rest in peace works both ways, you know...

Status: Worms are eating my face.

*ewwwsnork* @ Meanie!

If I see it coming, I might just set up a bunch of posthumous timed voice mails on the order of "HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE AIIIIEEEEE *click*."

But text messaging from beyond? How impersonal. Remember, it's the thought that counts.

Just for the record I do not want any dead people emailing me.

Now that I am in the afterlife I can see that the Nigerian millionaire in need of American bank transfer assistance is a great investment. Contact him now with your bank codes in order to turn a tremendous profit.

All your graves are belong to us!"

So, the "new message" window is called "decompose"?

For those who like succinct obituaries for the deceased of note, check
this site.

Rosanne. Turned over after you sang at the ball game.
Frances Scott Key

ms: lol!

"Scratch, scratch, scratch" darn there went a nail.


Clever and funny
Celebrity death haikus.
Yours are very good.

Thank you, NotSherly
Hope you and many others
Will join in the fun

You too will be assimilated.

I'm dead, Jim.

Dammit Jim, I'm dead so I can't do your income taxes.

Waiting to see you in hell. The water's warm here.

I really don't want to see those emails.

How to pester babes from beyond?

Babe your'e hot, your'e hot.
Course I'm dead and not...
come to the cemetry...
and try a date with me.
Babe your'e hot, your'e hot.

William Gibson call home.

Key quote: "They're challenging us to do things out of the box."

Ahem, yes. Cute.

The Harwich, Mass.-based Web site YouveBeenLeftBehind.com promises to save your advice for relatives and friends whom you fear might not make it to Heaven should the end of the world occur.

The computer system is designed to detect the Rapture: A group of several faithful families, geographically dispersed, log into the system daily, and their failure to do so trips the switch. In that event, the system presumes those families were taken up in the Rapture, and sends out your last-chance advice to a list of 60 or more addressees.

Geezer bus alert: "In case of Rapture, this website will be unmanned."

ok, that quote was in italics when I previewed it, and the sentence below was not....

The bot stole my italics!!!!

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