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April 29, 2009


(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Sometime this century we will post the linky ...

maybe sometime this century, Judi will actually put a link in :)

Do not click on this link.

Someone will get fired this century.

Judi's been drinking again.

I sent this in too!!


Maybe you could fill us in as to what "it" might actually be....hhmmmmm?

This space left intentionally blank.

It's a post about nothing.

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Ahhhhh...well, nothing tells me it's time to vamoooos.


Due to budgetary constraints, all HTML anchors have taken the buy-out.

Well, Dave often posts photos and asks us to supply a caption; perhaps judi has had the curious intriguing idea of posting a title and encouraging us to come up with a story to go with it ... ?

Anyone want to go first??

I am sorry, but this post has been quarantined. Until the Swine Flu can be confirmed as absent, the link will not be posted.

Aly and AJ say, "Not This Year."

What is: "What Dave said when Judi asked when he was going to give her a raise."

I'm not telling.....

(No Thanks to Russell Mc)

Or, "what viewers nationwide said when writers for 24 issued a statement assuring everyone that the plot would begin to make sense very soon"...

OK...maybe ummm...this one??

i thought it would be last century.

Or once every 4-7 weeks.

OK...surely the researchers are male.

Definitely male researchers Siouxie. Probably the same ones that tell us ladies that <----> is six inches.

In that case, please feel free to take advantage of any of these ideas that strike your fancy...

"This seems a situation ripe for disappointment and dissatisfaction,"

Well, duh.

I would comment, but I have a headache.

What's this thread about, again? I was gone there for 3 to 13 minutes.

yeah, shocking. next you'll be telling us that rich people have more $$ than poor folk. shocked, i tells ya.

What they left out was the 60 minutes or foreplay needed to acheive those satisfaction times.

buys sharkie a beer. goooooooood boy.

The problem is after half an hour of cunnilingus the woman then wants to talk and the mouth is throbbing.

Gotta minute?

If you did it right, she won't wanna talk...just sayin'.

Wasn't there a play about that, MS? Can't quite put my finger on it......

OOOOOOHHHH - good one, Siouxie !!!
Sorry Sharkie, but that was a total neener !

Woah, you guys are hot tonight. Where's a cigarette?

Did they add in the 5 minutes spent looking for new batteries ?

*smokin' snork* @ Siouxie. Badda-bing!

So they want to deflate the fallacy about length of the satisfiction, but then they slip in a prominent "Enlarge" button on the attractive visual. Close butt no cigar!

If you did it right, she won't wanna talk...just sayin'.
So when she's the one who falls asleep after, that's a good thing?

Oh. Cool... I might have done something right once...


after, Spiny. Not during.

Siouxie told me.

It's a matter of personal preference. Like everything else, you have to tailor the performance to the audience or you're not going to get any applause.

or was that "eat everything on your plate or you won't get dessert" ??

Maybe "Don't count your orgasms before...."

Hmmm... "One hand on the bush is worth two birds in...uh.."

....Never mind.

So everything I've seen in porn movies has been a lotta bull and I've been aspiring to reach unachievable goals?

Oh give me a clone, just a clone of my own
With the Y chromosome changed to an X
And when we're alone, just me and my clone
We'll both think of nothing but sex

- Isaac Asimov

I teleported home one night
With Ron and Sid and Meg
Ron stole Meggie's heart away
And I got Sidney's leg

-- Douglas Adams

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