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April 30, 2009


Hi Sir and Madam,
We are a professional bag manufacturer located in China.  We are currently having a special offer on Toilet Bag. Please kindly see quotation below and the flyer attache.  We can source for the color of the fabric you want for youfrom stock fabric is so requested.


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I prefer to keep mine in a closet.

I really, really, really, hope you didn't open the attachment. If you did, you may have been trojaned.

Is our spammers learning?

I can only guess that this incredible offer came Dave's way because of his world-wide renown as an authority on low-flow toilets.

Look out for squirrel feeder offers next.

I only use amature bag manufacturers myself.

I would like very much the flyer attache to see.

Fit will it in the overhead bin?

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