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April 10, 2009


(Thanks - umm, yeah! - to nursecindy)


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Judi I hope this brightened your day. I know it did mine. I'll bet that none of the blog guys will admit to wearing pink undies though.

Would it be a sin if I drool just a little bit??

What a penetrating story, Judi. Honestly if I need that kind of result the marketing execs would probably not like the fact that I choose to go without.

Well, I did once, nursecindy, but it was a user error while doing laundry.

Oooh, snap! Thanks, nursecindy & judi!

Not sinful Siouxie. Just human.

Pink? Some of us blog guys don't wear any undies. Saves on laundry.

I'm sure Sharkie is quite comfortable with his masculinity, cindy.

When he does wear some, that is.

Going without is better and most of us guys do.. the only drawback is when we SHART

Well Siouxie is that really Sharkie? My goodness he is.....tall isn't he?

No way Cindy! I would not be caught dead wearing a visor!

Great voice too, cindy.

I did wake up in pink underwear one morning. Then I remembered a girl the night before that I was talking with who spilled a rum-runner in my lap.

I think Sharkie doeth protest too much Siouxie.

Those would be perfect to toss at a Tom Jones concert.

Perhaps more than the rum should be runnin', Sharkie.

Let's try that again, with linkie this time - Perhaps more than the rum should be runnin, Sharkie.

Funny thing is that with a frozen drink in your lap running is not really an option.

Nice thong.

Shrinkage is though.

Wow Annie, just - Wow. That leopard trenchcoat on the hanger is almost as bad.

But, Sharkie, didn't you get shoes to match the coat? That's what Siouxie told me.

I'd love to see the look on Mr. Wizzy's macho face if I present him with a pair of pink panties, just for him.

muahhhaaaa haaaa haaaa haaa

We report, you decide.

Got any pictures of Sharkie wearing those Siouxie?

Tighty whiteys,
tighty whiteys,
bright and new,
bright and new,
Let me see your undies,
let me see your undies,
Here's mine, too,
just for you.

I see London
I see France
Wonder which one has the pretty pink pants?

Those of us confident in our sexuality can wear any color underwear. Or English Leather...

And Cindy, as for what I wear? As established in another thread, you'll have to wait until 12:01 for me to send you THAT picture!...

I'll be here Allen. (Siouxie you want me to forward it to you?)

cindy, only if he's wearing a leopard thong and shoes.

Siouxie, those are cool shoes. Totally.

*sigh* OK to the thong (just 'cause I'm trying to be nice today!), but I'll bet they don't make those shoes in the size for my big honking feet...

I would wear either the pink or puc light green, since, judging by the pictures, they make your endowment twice as big.

I was just wondering when Dave gets back from Colorado, and now I know the answer is "Not today."

martinishark, you big tease!

They're probably selling most of it to this guy.

Heh-heh Judi said i was big. heh-heh

*eye roll*

I'll second that eye roll.

I'll third that eye roll. I don't think we should compliment Sharkie anymore though. He might get a swelled h.... Oh look something shiny!

With a thong in my heart.
And a Hanes for her in my soul.

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