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April 22, 2009


You're blocking the view.

(Thanks to Dr. Doug)


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*blink* *blink*

Susan WHO?????

(thanks, ms. judi!!)

And in another brilliant editorial sidebar: "Town Dumps Idea of Toilet" Bwa-ha-ha!

Thank you bunches judi! As for the guys in the video, Encore,encore!!

what what, in the butt? who brought the eye bleach???

Say that three times fast:

Naked Swiss Crispbread Dancers (GNFARB)

yeah, that's a really loose interpretation of the word "talent" but, hey, who cares.

I guess Susan now has some real stiff competition!

Europe's got a sense of humor? Sweden's got talent? The world's gone mad! Mad, I tell you! A-i-i-i-i-i-i-i! [runs out of cubicle and out to lunch, presumably to the nearest BBQ/Foot Massage Parlor. Hold my calls].

I understand the Beach Boys are planning something like this...

Wonders how many blog guys are going to try this....
In the privacy of their own homes of course.

Exactly, judi. Who care??

Reminds me of Full Monty.

and *snork* @ Dan.

Doesn't "crispbread" get soggy in a bowl of milk?

*adds 's' to post*

Sorry...I was a little distracted.

Doesn't "crispbread" get soggy in a bowl of milk?

Is that a metaphor Allen? Cause they sell pills for that now you know.

Wouldn't work with Wonderbread.
Doughnuts, on the other hand...

Cindy, are you wanting me to take a pill and then hold hands in separate bathtubs? Not sure I see the fun in that--once the pill is down, we're on the clock! (So I've heard..)

Thank you, judi.

LOL phillipe. IF they can balance a dozen donuts each - THAT'S talent!

Does tapioca go well with Crispbread?

But they kept their talent covered the whole time.

worth it!! absolutely fabu!

And yet the Blog refuses to link to Fabia Cerra.

Way to go Judi, and thanks Dr. Doug.

I make crispbreads myself, but my cake pan is bigger than theirs.

Have you noticed that even Swedes sound like they're not sure how to speak their own language?...

Posted this on my blog and a friend in Sweden says that this type of act is fairly common there, although usually done with balloons. "I remember seeing Ballongdansen when I was a kid, I think it was part of the New Years Eve entertainment. We have a different attitude to male nudity, especially comic male nudity." Ya think?

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