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April 29, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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It's a good thing the bride wasn't hit by a slow moving car or the bear would be in The Great Forest In The Sky.

At the reception, champagne, salmon, and a flower girl were consumed.

Was the Maid of Honor a cougar?

But did Brutus go with them on the honeymoon?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The maid of honor was bare too.

the bear is only 7 yrs old!! is he even old enuf to attend a wedding??? i bet he was up past his bedtime.

"Here. Hold my bear and watch this."


Isn't this the same way that the Swine Flu got started? At least transmitting from pigs to humans?

Wake up people. This could be the start of the Bear Flu!

Guessing they didn't consumate the marriage in a cabin on a bear-skin rug. Then again, . . .

Hey, that's Missi Pyle! I wondered what she was up to. She played the alien chick Laliari in that flick Galaxy Quest. Remember the scene where she starts erupting into giant squid tentacles during a passionate clinch with Tony Shalhoub, while Sam Rockwell turns away in disgust? Who can forget!

That picture with the bear sitting at the dinner table looks photoshopped which makes me think all of them were and that the entire story is a fake. I'm such a cynic.

I give the bear 3 weeks before he joins the grooms friends as mere distant memories.

RT, I haven't been following Missi's acting career as I should have but I'm sure the scene was Oscar worthy ;-)

Btw, last time I saw her on something was on "Pushing Daisies". She always plays a quirky character.

And yet the marriage of Shrek and Fiona gets no love from the Blog.

Heh, Horace. I loved that one. (and sent it in too ;-P)

I hate to mar this site with seriousness, but that whole thing is unbelievably dangerous. Wild animals can become accustomed to humans but they are still wild. Siegfried and Roy were as humane and conscientious as could be but Roy still got attacked. I hope Brutus and his human friends live long and prosper, but it's a risk I wouldn't expose my family to.

Hey, Steve. This blog is about the idiocy of humanity. Any advice that would prevent such foolishness would ruin all our fun. Besides, it's nothing but a big, big, big ole teddy bear.

This is an abomination against the sacred vows of marriage!!!


Sorry Loudmouth, I wasn't thinking. If it will make you feel better, I just cut off and ate my finger.

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