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April 29, 2009


Man arrested in barbecue fork attack

Incredibly, alcohol may have been involved.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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With roommates like them, who needs cable?

Next on Cops! nothing. We get performance art every payday.

He also got cut by a butter knife?! He must be pretty thin-skinned.

Impatient with the heated argument, Hoskins grabbed the bbq fork to check if the victim was done.

Police gave a thorough grilling, I suppose.

And on a Sunday too.

They must have pretty hard butter...

I like a serious barbeque.

It was noted in the police report that "the victim was so tender that the meat came right off the bone".

Stick a fork in him - he's done.

"Hey, that's a cool tattoo! Where did you have it done?"

"Er, those are grill stripes."


Next on "Man meets grill"....

That guy is sooo forked.

*snork* @ Siouxie!

Here's a great site http://www.diversitylane.com great political humor, spot on in these times

LOL back atcha! Annie, aren't you supposed to be working?? hmmm??

Can you use a bbq fork on spam?

I'm heading out soon. It's early here on the left coast.

OH yeah..forgots. Doy.

And now Karma will fork him in prison.

Okay, this is bad, butt....."Poke-E-Man"

He was probably just going to turn him over to make sure the other side got done....

People need to learn to chill...

I'm guessing he's single. I never thought of a bbq fork as a deadly weapon. Or a butter knife.

I never thought of a bbq fork as a butter knife either, nc. :-)

Hey Scott! :-P

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