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April 10, 2009


It's about Asians gittin' better names, like, y'know, Tex, Slim and Bubba.

(Thanks to "humeri")


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First to change my name to "I". I'm from Iowa so I can't claim "Tex".

Evidently this woman hasn't seen some of the names here in America lately. Mostly from the Hollywood crowd. Also many Asian names have a meaning to them so to ask them to change it is wrong. Before I named my kids I would yell the name out the back door to see if it was something I could stand yelling for the next 18 or so years.

Now if we could just get those pesky rap artists like Fitty Cen to pronounce their names correctly.

Texans want other people to learn English?
Doc, y'all heal yourownself furst.

Perhaps we could get the Representative to change her name to "Bigoted Idiot" to make recognizing her simpler.

If it's about easy, what could be easier than say Ko, Lee, Cho, Won, Li, Lu, Do, Chin, etc...

Maybe we should adopt their names and dispense with simple American names like Rugless, Samadianmofrad, Mroczkowski, Mackeprang, Glaskox, Efionayi, Dumbledore, Zirkelbach, or Williamson.*

* Random selections from the local phonebook.

They should definitely change their names to something more American, like Tecumseh, Sequoyah or Powhatan.

Annie, Texans don't speak English. We speak 'Merrican!

they should agree and then all adopt the name chuck norris.

What is it with Texas Republicans and their need to rename everyone. Bush was infamous for calling people "Stretch", "Brownie", etc.

Ko, Lee, Cho, Won, Li, Lu, Do, Chin

That's not how I remember that Julie Andrews song going...

I don't understand it either Moon. Here in NC we just call everybody Sweetie or Honey. If we like you we shorten Honey to Hon.

Or "Sugar" shortened to "Shug".

Keep it simple. Yo, Dude!

Maybe that's SOUTH Carolina.


Amazing. Simply amazing that someone in elected office would be so stupid.

My uncle one time had fits over a person he worked with whose name was Sean, and pronounced Shawn. He insisted that the hot James Bond actor's name is pronounced "Seen."

He said at dinner one time that he refuses to address his correspondence with the guy by spelling his name right, he insisted on spelling it Shawn on the letters he sent him.

What a jerk. Who knew he could have been a Texas politician. Too bad we didn't know, we could have sent him to "his own kind" of people. LOL

Does this have something to do with that truck driver of Asian descent Hiro and Ando met on "Heroes" who didn't even speak Japanese but had a really broad Texas accent?

I think she needs to wear a color of lipstick that's easier for Americans to deal with.

I am officially changing my name to a symbol. $. Its pronounced ka-ching.

A friend of mine was waiting for a plane in a small village in Alaska, with names on the departure board like Kongiganak, Kwigillingok, Nunapitchuk, Quinhagak, Tuntutuliak, and Unalakleet. An Eskimo sitting next to him also looked at the board and said "Nome -- that's a funny name."

I try not to travel to places that have made English the official language, because I don't speak it. I speak American.

Flashback: "George Francisco, open your golden gate..."

My last name is eleven letters long and impossible to pronounce correctly without being told how to pronounce it.  My ex is Dutch and I kept his last name.  Big mistake.  Should have gone back to my maiden name.  It was Johnson.

heh. Nurse Johnson.

That. is. all.

Siouxie one year at Christmas I bought my son a 'Big Johnson' t-shirt.  I swear I had no idea, until my kids told me, that Johnson was anything other than a name.

LOL nice.

The representative formerly known as "hey you".

LOL Ralph sounds like a Northern Exposure scene.

I always liked the Chinese manservant on "Have Gun, Will Travel." He had the very Chinese name, "Hey Boy!"

(Actually, his name was Kim, as they revealed in one episode.)

That's downright un-Amerkin.

"Everybody Wang Chung tonight", just would not sound right as, "Everybody Chuck Smith tonight"

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