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April 28, 2009


If there's one issue in this world that really needed to be addressed, it's the manners of gay Thai monks.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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"Try the Sum Yung Gai", it's the House Special!

But he was especially concerned, he said, by the flamboyant behaviour of homosexual and transgender monks, who can often be seen wearing revealing robes, carrying pink purses and sporting effeminately-shaped eyebrows.

I see nothing wrong with this. I'm sure they look fabulous!

That Tim Gun certainly gets around.

I wonder who their designer is?!!

LOL Brian. I thought of that too.

Thailand's gay monks given 'good manners' guide = Queer Eye 4 the Monk Guy

So are they classified as Log-Cabin Buddhists?

So they can still drive Subarus and listen to Judy Garland CD's... ?

There are many baths to Enlightenment.

Anyone know where Richard Gere is?

Cognitive Dissonance 101
' Phra Vajiramedhi acknowledged that it was difficult to exclude transgender men from the monkhood...
...who can often be seen wearing revealing robes '

Jeez, you can't tell just by looking through the see-through robe?

Here's another cover-up in progress. Those SWINE!

OK Siouxie, I don't know why I'm still reading this at this hour, but as to Mr. Gere, here's what I would say...ahem...

Well, perhaps he was part of the two pervious posts about "self-gratifying gerbils" and "foreign objects found in the body". Kind of all fits, so to speak, doesn't it?
; )

It do, Brian. It do!

Who is contemplating whose navel?

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