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April 30, 2009


...we will not be linking to this.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Bikini line?

A local man, who told police he was reliving the life of Jesus, was taken into custody for being nude Sunday on Short Beach.

It was shrinkage!

Two aptonyms for the price of one!

Short Beach, Dicks.

Where's the strikeout around "Beach" go?

Thou shalt not have a bikini line.

The so called "lost commandment."

He should imitate the following:

Jesus wept.

Yeah, those bikini lines can be a bitch...

Perhaps he would have been better off on Long Beach, New Jersey.

Please, just don't do anything to make Jesus rise.

"After refusing to get dressed and leave the beach, Dicks was arrested after a brief struggle with officers."

Were they trying to put his underwear back on?

He might be more believable if he had been walking on the water naked, rather than just laying on the sand.

After arresting some one naked I wonder how police get "NutScuz" out of those blue uniforms?

Should be, "Officers struggling with Dicks."

The active voice is much better than the passive.

How about this lucky dude? MAJOR! ;)

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