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April 27, 2009


Alfie the Moustachioed Horse


(Thanks to DavCat)


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looks like he snatched someone baldheaded.

Why is his mustache blonde?

He bears a striking resemblance to an ex-boyfriend I had in my younger, stupider days; which makes me wonder where he keeps his pack of Marlboro Reds...

His mustache is blonde because that's it's color.

a horse walks in with a handlebar
and the barber says,
why the wrong face?

Is this a gullibility test?

As if the Jude Law remake were not bad enough, now they have a horse version?

so, that's what its all about, eh, Alfie. Just askin.

So...the carpet does NOT match the drapes, eh?


"The horse also refuses to let staff at the stables in Bitton, Gloucestershire, into his stall there for fear that they will remove his whiskers."

A horse of a different choler.

"Help me out Wilbur. I can't hold the razor with my hooves."

*insert Sara Jessica Parker joke here*

That's the most ridiculous thing I ever saw.

I saw a Budweiser horse at the NY State Fair with a "Snidely Whiplash" type 'stash. Honest! And I was Budweiser Free. Honest!

Whoa! Dude....give it up.

There is a bear recently apprehended in Maryland who already has a tattoo and a New Jersey rap sheet.

It's Vinnie da Pooh.


That stud has a pornstache

That stud has a pornstache

That stud has a pornstache

He needs a big gold chain.

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