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April 12, 2009


...to you and yours.



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Is Walter drunk??

Happy Keester Easter!!

happy easter everybody! :)

You too, Walter.

"Dad! There's something weird in the Easter basket!"

"What?" *runs to living room*

"Oh ... it's OK. Dave Barry's been here."

Happy Easter to all.

"Is that a walrus penis bone in your basket or are you just happy to see me??"

I don't think anybody will be as happy on Easter as Walter appears to be!

Happy Hard-boiled Egg Day, y'all!!

So that's what the Easter Bunny has been up to! Hope you and family and judi and family all have a good one!

Happy Day of The Egg. Hope you all get to spend it together with loved ones.

Uncle Wiggly gets all giggly

happy Easter

Jesus Will Survive!

Happy Disco Easter!

*cranks up the basket for boo*

Walter's got his "nose" in the bunny's arm pit. No wonder they call him an "Ooooooooo, Sick."

Two words Siouxie. Rocket. Sled.

Happy Easter all.

Enjoy the day with your peeps!!! [visualize clever peep link]

LOL Jesus

Siouxie, is there still room for me in that basket ?

Happy Easter.It's snowing here.Bah!Humbug!!!

The better to track you,Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter everyone!

Walter appears to have answered one of those spam ads about how to "enlarge his (ahem) vocabulary".

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my peeps.


And since it is my birthday, I am scattering chocolate kisses all over blog-land. They are free of all calories and cholesterol, and have magical anti-aging properties. *Poof!* You are all now younger and sweeter, just like me.

(Why should Woody corner the market on crazy?)

Happy Birfday, Cat!!!!!

Boo, that Jesus is rather tame for Hollywood Blvd.

Happy Easter to all, and to all a good night!

Poor Easter Bunny. He's been so busy hiding eggs, he just wanted to toss back a few after a hard day at work and he got a little carried away. It's a good thing Walter was there to help him out.

Happy Easter All!

Thanks, Siouxie!

Off to church now. I'll pray for all of our souls. That, or a comfortable, roomy handbasket.

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter everybody. Happy Birthday Cat! Sharkie, your little peeps are so cute.

A March Hare Leprechaun Easter Bunny with his Oosik Shillelagh. What could be more appropriate for the season?

I feel like I'm going to he11 just looking at that pic.
/catholic guilt

We had early Easter morning thunderstorms (not so great for sunrise services) but now the sun's out and the eating of chocolate can commence! Happy Easter, y'all!

And a Very Happy Birthday to you, Cat!

(psst, Dave, did the Splat Eggs arrive in time for Easter?)

Happy Easter everyone! Final score on the egg hunt: 32-28. And we recovered 2 pencils, 3 lincoln logs, a Lego man, and a Risk gamepiece from the couch.

Nqikufisele usuku oluhle lokuzalwa kwetho Cat

Birthday wishes in Zulu.

Happy Easter to all!

*Off to (very) late brunch*

Just D: Yes, the splat eggs arrived. It's like... a miracle!

Or as we say up here."It's a mackerel".

Happy Easter! Just make sure you don't lose your identity this year.

Happy Easter. Cute Bunny!

OK, I'll try this one more time: identity

Happy Easter to all, and to all a good night...

Oh, wait: that line's from the other Jesus-related holiday.

No matter. Happy Easter, everybody!

Happy Easter all and let's not passover the rest of Passover

Happy Easter, and don't forget about the Easter Bilby.

Hallelujah, Dave! I trust the eggs have not yet been splatted to smithereens.

My chocolate bunny, on the other hand, is missing several important parts. Yummmm.

I'd imagine Lucy the dog would have at one of those splat eggs by now.

Happy B-day, Catlady.

Tryin' again....

Happy B-day, Catlady.

Aw, shucks... thanks, everyone!

It must be Easter,
We had candy for breakfast.

It must be Christmas,
We had cookies for brunch.

Happy Easter, all....

Do you have room in that Handbasket, Cat R??


I think so, EB.

Sophie and the Splat Egg Easter Miracle WBAGNFA children's book. If only we knew a good writer. Or two.

HB Cat!

Those columns look fake.

No, Clank - Dave writes all his own stuff. Really.

*snork* @ Annie!!

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