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April 28, 2009


Man set house on fire while trying to kill a spider with a lighter

(Thanks to David in Oz)


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A gap in the cladding?

Thankfully, the spider escaped.

Was alcohol involved?Did the spider live?Was the man's name Pyro Maniac,or something like that?Where the hell is The Rest Of The Story?

And who was it that said killing spiders might be the only task males will be needed for? (er, for which etc)

Which is why I kill my own spiders.

Yes, but does the person who told him to kill the spider get any of the blame?

I once tried to kill a spider on the wall by driving my car into it

He couldn't use the newspaper because he had not done the Times Crossword yet.

*snork* @ L and MS

... just what we need, fire-retardant spiders!

Sounds like an insurance scam.

I was Cynicism minor in college.

A cigarette lighter? Doesn't he own a shoe or a magazine? I'm betting he's single.

Um. I have actually caught a house on fire attempting to kill a giant spider with the handiest tool available at that moment, a blow torch. Who knew that once it caught on fire and ran down the outside of the wall that the wall would also catch fire? Hmmm. Live and learn.

"... just what we need, fire-retardant spiders!"

Not while there are still fire-retarded guys...


According to stories on this blog, men appear to be the major cause of house fires.

Just confirms what we all know, spiders are bad and dangerous.

Where the hell is The Rest Of The Story?

Posted by: ron | April 28, 2009 at 10:52 AM

Like, how many firefighters were there, what did they look like and was there a calendar?

Cladding = insulation
Apparently, this guy doesn't read the Dave Barry Blog, because we have had similar stories here, as I am sure Dave means them to be Public Service Announcements.

Cheryl, I hope this doesn't mean you're a guy. If you have ESPN SportsCenter on in the background while you blog even though you've already seen this repeat twice, you should definitely adjust your family plans.

The idiot. Everyone knows you kill spiders with hand grenades.

This is what is meant by Karma. I'm pulling for the spider every time.

Found two ticks this morning in my basement office. The first I poured alcohol on and lit it up. The second I fried with a pencil torch. Beats a match or flicking it out the door.

His parents told him never to play with matches.

It wasn't so much the lighter but the aerosol can of WD-40 behind it that caused the fire.

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