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April 30, 2009


"Get your thinking hats on and see what disability you can represent!"

(Thanks to Omaha Bridget)


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I say dress up like the idiot who put this idea in motion. Clearly he or she is mentally deficient!

GAH - I am torn between being offended and laughing at their idiocy...

Quick, someone say something funny!

I got a costume: Purple blouse, frumpy purple skirt & tights, geeky glasses, stringy black hair.... Any guesses?

Is our kids learning?

Give me enough beer and I can showcase several different disabilities.

You would have to shop at the Disability Clothes Store for that I guess.

Can I come dressed as Rep. Michele Bachmann, (R-Minnesota)?

How could you dress up as someone with Tourette's syndrome @#$%^&*@!!!

Finally I won't have to hide my hump!

At least Aussie PM Kevin M. Rudd didn't compare his bowling to the Special Olympics.

I suspect that a lot of student's will be lying in their beds impersonating comatose people.

WTFBBQ?! Just incredible.

It's no wonder everyone is pissed. They should have called it dress as a challenging impairment day..

Dress as a sober driver.They're as disabled as they come.

I would be dressed as a zombie. Solves all of the problems at once. Including my excuse to bite everyone.


"Mooooom, I have to dress up like a brain-damaged old person with a lisp! What does Barney Frank wear??"

I'll have to suggest that to the Student Council sponsor at my school. We'll call it, "Dress like a Retarded Principal Day".

Oh, wait. I mean "Dress like a Differently-Abled Principal Day".

CJ? What hump?

*snork* and a BIG *wave* at Auntie M!! Excellent to see you 'round these parts, girl. :)

Yeah, well I've been so insane that I haven't had time to hang out over here, Diva. I should be doing other stuff right now, in fact.

Oh, wait. I'm ALWAYS insane. I guess I have no excuse, then.

Rush? Doesn't he sort of dress down, anyway?

This story almost makes my line at dinner regarding the "MS Walk" at the junior high seem almost socially acceptable.

Can I please go as Paris Hilton? Pleeeeeeeeeease?

Would I... ?! Would I... ?!

Hare lip? Hare lip?

Wow! Being disabled, I guess the kids could have gone dressed like me - jeans, T shirt and sneakers. But darn, I don't look any different than them. Kind of defeats the purpose of dress like the disabled day.

*puts on golf shoes and grabs clubs*

What? Some golfers have handicaps. When I play its more often quietly asked 'Is she handicapped?'

My golf handicap happens to be the number of clubs in the bag.

Your response was great CornDog. Maybe these people that started this thing will realize that most times the disabled look just like everybody else. My own Mother is severly disabled due to a brain tumor and a stroke several years ago but I don't see her as disabled. I see her as my Mom! Cheryl and Ron I usually golf a steady 72 on the first 5 or 6 holes. I don't know how I'd do on the rest of the course. I usually get mad and throw my club down. I prefer a 7 iron.

I say they all dress up like Joe Bidden.

Nursecindy. I love my 7 iron. And my sand wedge. Otherwise, I spend so much time in the trap I start to think I am at the beach.

Uh boy, NurseCindy. That's what got me too - a brain tumor. They can be mean little monkeys. I'd like to take a 7 iron to the residual they couldn't remove, but I don't want the dent in my head. Hey, maybe they could strap a 7 iron on their heads for dress as the disabled day.

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