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April 28, 2009


After a dozen years, a Colorado State University student who unknowingly had a toothpick lodged in her foot is free of the object.

(Thanks to Jesse Sarles) 


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Ummmm, skipping the video if folks don't mind....

Foot in mouth?

You can pick your friends,
You can pick you nose,
But you can't feel a log in you toes.

This time, it's better with no detailed photos.

What's much more shocking to me is the fact that she is a COLLEGE student and thinks she got arthritis from having a toothpick in her foot! I hate to see her theories of conception and pregnancy. And the idea that God was watching after her about her toothpick--oy. No wonder we have a swine flu outbreak--He/She is busy worrying about nincompoops impending wood poisoning.

um, biting her toenails was actually orally hygienic for her?

yeah i know i am reaching

It wouldn't show up on an x-ray, either. According to Fox's House, wood acts like soft tissue on most diagnostic tools.

House is not entirely accurate.

She thinks a toothpick is "a big chunk of wood"....Yea babe, of course this is eight inches.

"I'm not biting my toenails, I'm picking my teeth."

I guess she didn't read the instructions.

Better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Better than a nail in the nose.

Better than a knife in the head.

Any I missed?

Although she's still walking a bit gingerly, Rainey says she's looking forward to knowing what it feels like to walk on a healthy foot that doesn't have a big chunk of wood in it.

Um, it would feel like your other foot.

her food got cold?


Better than a tree in your lung.

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