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April 09, 2009


(Thanks to many members of the concerned public)


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Did you see this one, Mud? Who is going to be your roommate in a couple of weeks?

Anyone seen, mud?

*pulls , *

Jan, sorry..didn't see our post there.


*stops drinking*

That would be Alfred, Jan, heaven help him!!

*crosses the Korean deli off the list of places to eat while the blogits are in KC*

This is exactly why we need stricter control of flatulence at both the Federal and State levels.

*removes all sharp instruments from Mud and Alfred's room*

cowhand, I read that as sphincter control. Same thing.

If this was Mr. Telecom's brother, the knifer would TOTALLY be justified.
Just sayin.

There is clearly something wrong with this guy. And by "this guy" I, of course, mean the stabber. Normal guys (like the stabbee, I presume) celebrate great farts. And by "great farts" I mean farts that either cause paint to bubble, or windows to rattle. In your neighbor's house.

Uh folks, 'cutting the cheese' is a euphemism!

THIS is precisely why we set those guys to Waco. (The gas, not the knife.)
If you're gonna smell bad around Houston, you better be a refinery.

huh... two articles with people's names misspelled in one day on this blog. I think mister Barry is a stickler for spelling and is simply insulted by "Catellano" (missing an 's') and "Warning" (shouldn't have an 'r')

'Waring' shouldn't have the 'n' in the cat-thief story, Drowning, but yeah, you're right.

I once heard Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion describe a list of farts. My favorite was the Cargo Fart - it delivers a load. That guy cracks me up.

I stayed at that motel once. Flatulence would have made the room smell better.

Motel 7: " We'll leave the fan on for ya. "

Obviously, they were engaged in a deep philosophical discussion at the time.
"I refute your Pythagorean claims about beans and the transmigration souls THUS!"

Mongo like beans.

Get me Janet Reno.... STAT!

We can't have this kind of crap going on.... No pun intended.

"Oh yeah, well I stab in your general direction!"

Brung a fart to a knife fight.

Is Mud a little gassy? Just curious.

Two wholly different responses to the word"cut".

MAJOR "HAR!!!" @ Loudmouth!

but was it just wind, or was there some tutti frutti?

(Two in a row from Texas?)

Meanwhile, in Mysore and Sandusky.....

Chalk up another one for wacko Waco

Hey, Doc; long time no see. The great Freddie T. is gonna get his ring in New England, now.

Back OT, this is exactly why I spend the extra 50 bucks a day to put employees up in their own rooms!

So, they won't smell you, CJ? ;p

i'd say you've had enough beans!


*sprays Febreeze™ all over the blog*

I like this part, "Castellano allegedly passed gas." Is farting a crime? State or federal? CSI Fart.

You cracked me up, Loudmouth.

He who fights a fart with a knife has a fool for a strategist.

What you want is a source of ignition -- a blow-torch would be nice, but a Bic will do.

Can someone elaborate on blogits in KC?

Taco Bell diner causes multiple, explosions in weld shop; co-workers describe mini comets for well nigh fifteen minutes.

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