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April 23, 2009


Somebody shot at the Dog!

Needless to say he got his man anyway.


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Lt. Whitlock was interviewed on the radio today, he didn't sound overly impressed with the Dog. The police haven't found any evidence of an actual gunshot, aren't sure if they will continue to press the attempted murder charges.

Guns that shoot pepper spray pellets. Gotta get me one of those.

Why, exactly, has this been all over the news? Is this the first time a bounty hunter has ever been shot at? I would suspect that it happens all the time.
pardon my cynicism.



So, one guy was armed with pepper and the other brought nothing butt noise? Sounds like any evening at dinner, 'round here.

(P.S., I note that the SoFla gals are absent, already having left for Happy Hour)

Most excellent.

The SoFla LADIES left me in charge so behave. Siouxie has lent me a machete.

Provides back-up for nursecindy on crossgirl's behalf.

Makes me think of the sage advice of Josey Wales, to a young bounty hunter:

"Dyin' ain't much of a livin', Boy."

Wizzy, for some reason your quote made me think of the exchange between Will Munny and Ned in a different Eastwood movie:

"We done stuff for money before, Ned."
"Yeah. We thought we did."

Needless to say, they missed.

So he'll be coming back here to Hawaii to chase after people who owe him money. Must-see TV. [yawn]

Here's weirder & funnier news. It won't get you in trouble. Much.

You know, spidermilk, frankencows, mind-reading hats.


In "Doonesbury", Uncle Duke acquired a dislike for folksinger John Denver when Denver moved in next door to Duke's estate in Colorado and serenaded the neighborhood daily. Duke made a habit of shooting icicles off of Denver's porch roof with a high powered rifle. To this day the song "Rocky Mountain High" sends him into a violent frenzy. My favorite scene had a warning bullet pinging near Denver, with him yelling something like, "Darn it, Duke! Now cut that out!" Cut to Duke, working with a screwdriver on his high-powered scope, thinking: "Damn sights must be off..."

I'm surprised Dog has lasted this long.

Aww geez.. as former police officer, I was shot at on five separate occasions. Wasn't hit, but returned fire on three of those (the other two involved hostages).

I mean...gimme a break...some of us on "non-TV" are actual doing something worthwhile, as opposed to a trashy, tacky TV show involving fantasy occurences...

*back from happy hour*

What did I miss??

couldn't the lack of shell casing mean a revolver, and not that he imagined being shot at?

I used to like watching DBH, because here's this big, tough guy and his wife totally has him whipped :-)

"Bobby Brown Jail Bonds?" I guess Mr. Brown didn't want to stray far from his second home...

we care about dog and beth chapman and kids/team
and bobby brown we are here for you dog and beth
kids/team and bobby brown keep up good work we know
hard work we know right dog and beth are good people.

ONE SHOULD NOT BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE, I've been a hunter for 11 years. I have died twice over this job but for some reason GOD keeps me coming back. I play the game well, and I enjoy the game. Every hunter has his/her way of doing things, Dog just gets paid more, Good Luck To Him. We all put our lifes on the line daily for this, I thank all Bounty Hunters,Recovery Agents. Always Play the GAME Safe..... Bounty Hunter Mean Joe Green, Colorado.

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