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April 27, 2009


Sex-Doll Threesome Man Gets Off

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Isn't that what got him in trouble to begin with?

How bad a lover do you have to be to disappoint two women and neither is real? "I swear this never happens" would fall on deaf ears.

Disapointed witness scoffs
Oh Do-dah Day

So the guy likes quiet women.No law against that.

Were his two companions even charged? No.

Publix pubics?

Gwine to wank all night,
Till I lose my nerve,
Spanked my monkey in a parking lot,
Please give a break to the perv.

*SMACKS* Ron. Don't you need to go shovel something?
I'm betting he's single.

Here in Oklahoma, that only happens in in courtrooms.

Typical. HE gets off but what about the sex dolls?? What of their needs???

*snickers at padraig*

Someone actually noticed this in Miami? If he'd shot someone there would be no witnesses.

Something tells me he was probably disappointed at not getting jail time, IYCMD.

Judge: "This case is dismissed! Bailiff, would you please meet me in my chambers - and bring the tire pump."

You know you just never hear of this sort of thing with a woman and male blow up dolls.

Bailiff, whack his pee pee!

/dating self

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