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April 27, 2009


(Thanks to John Gregg)


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If you make this I'm sure the kids will toss the Wii's and Nintendo DS's to the side. Or even better promise them a lame ole Wii for Christmas and give them this instead! Imagine the look of joy on their little face!

You may, at this point, wish to fill the screw holes in the leg...

Not exactly.

You may wish to not have your finger on the opposite side where the drill is coming out, Tim...

Just don't get your piehole mixed up with your cornhole.

"Place the two legs on a flat work surface and position the 20-inch cross brace between the legs. The exact position of the cross brace is not critical, but I found it works best to attach it about two inches up from the long point of the leg."

Anyone remember the movie, "Misery"?

That was one of the better scenes, Brian. It's creepier in the book though. (psssst?? did you get the link to the pics??)

I won't ever forget the sound of Kathy Bates' voice when she says, "MR. MAN!"

Yes, I got the link and I saw the pix. Very nice. Looks like a bunch of folks having a good time for sure!

(Once again it reaffirms why I have always wanted to be the guy on the other side of the camera though.)

Allen, counting the number of visible fingers on that left hand it looks like this person may have already made that mistake once.

Well, Brian. We're definitely better looking than dead people ;-P

"Attach it at the same point on each leg with a couple of counter-sunk wood screws."

There may still be some states that prosecute for that.

I'm surprised the link goes to page 9, instead of page 5: Fill the Screw Holes.

"The piehole's connected to the bunghole, the bunghole's connested to the cornhole..."

(And they're all connected with countersunk screws, apparently)

That's sort of a lot of gear for a do-it-yourselfer, isn't it? Oh, wait ....

The other night, my boyfriend and I were looking on On Demand for a movie to watch. We, two very intelligent people, decided on... Beavis and Butthead Do America. We are still laughing. I am Cornholio!

And who could forget the Cornhole Song?

Now, all this snide commentary isn't fair.
I'm told it's a very popular game in South Miami.

I'm probably correct in assuming what the loser gets in this game,right?

I cannot bring myself to work on this project. I'm just not ready to "come out" of the tool shed.

Are they at Lake Titicaca?

You guys obviously missed the Carson Palmer Cornhole Classic. As for our carpenter guy's missing finger... clever illusion.

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