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April 04, 2009


It is SO here.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Everything can be used except the squeals . . .

Poor piggy. :(

Now that I thought was too gross to send in.

I think he's cute, Jeff.

Poor little piggy. He is cute Siouxie.

cute and eventually yummy.

How is that going to fit on a McMuffin?

He's so two faced.


SMACKS Sharkie. He's too cute to eat.

Bacon is cute too, cindy.


That explains the wording of McDonald's new "Double Bacon" Cheeseburger.

I blame global farming.

There's a little museum in Battle Creek, Iowa, that is filled with things like this. They aren't as rare as you think wish they are.

The only reason I know about this museum is that my grandmother donated her very extensive shell collection (she had property on Sanibel Island) to it when the proprietor offered to build a wing to house it.

Someone has found the Island of Dr. Moreau. The two-nosed bunny was in a different container.

Holy Picasso, bet making that was as ugly as making sausage.

All ready for hotdogs with extra snouts.

Another reason China makes me nervous...

And that little piggy went, "We-we-we, we-we-we, we-we-we, we-we-we" all the way home, twice.

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