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April 30, 2009


Dog almost dies after eating Homer

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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i thought he caught a home run....

My new pup has a habit of chewing on teenagers' socks, and if that doesn't kill her nothing else will.

What breed, Padraig? My 11-month old Belgian Shepherd eats sticks, stones, tennis balls, donkey poop, string, palm fronds, rocks, olives off the tree and probably other things I haven't noticed. I'm never sure if I've misplaced something or if he's eaten it.

It all seems to come out the other end, though - makes yard clean up interesting - kinda like a treasure hunt!

all I can say is: Doh!

Cow print, caught my Boston Terrier with a spool of thread once just chowing down. Pulled about six feet of string out of his stomach. The one time it was caught in time. It's not as funny when it gets to the other end.

Bad, Santa's Little Helper. Bad!


Mini schnauzer, cpr. Have had experience with labs and spaniels on the "eat anything" end. Also had an Airedale that was a bit fussier, but I could get these bones from steamship rounds, basically "leg of cow", and she could go through one of those in two days. Not even a splinter left, and never a trace of irregularity on her part either.

The dog ate my employee?! Hah! Fire that slacker!

Extra, Extra: Homer's latest odyssey -- Read all about it!

Also known as The Ickiad.

I thought chocolate was one of those things dogs can't eat because they'll get very sick.

Maybe it was the egg and not Homer.

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