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April 27, 2009


It's safe to eat a worm in your sandwich.

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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I would think the mezcal would get the bread soggy.

The dad looks like Steve Buscemi !

Tuna surprise.

And, in a pinch, just add a hook and it can be used to catch dinner.

I smell settlement dollars here.

Wrong country, Ron. What's five pounds translate to in American? 2.2 Kilos? No, wait...

Sure, Mr Tesco (?) YOU eat Tuna-n-worm sandwiches every day, right?

I've mentioned this before, but we eat a lot more "surprises" then we know about. As a retired health inspector, I've seen a lot. However, in over 30 years, I never investigated a worm (insect, suspicious chemical taste, you name it) that amounted to real danger to the consumer. I take that back; one couple complained of a bloody band-aid baked into a pizza. Their complaint wasn't about the bandage as such, but that the pizza place refused to give them a second pizza to replace the one they had half eaten.

Kewl. Worm & jam. Worm & cheese. Or just worm on toast, plain. Pass the gaakk, p'tak.

Is it safe to eat poop? Cuz it's in the sprouts, now.

You have been warned.


Great. Their attitude would almost certainly keep me as a customer. But if I was still having any small bit of hesitancy, I think the line, "They burrow deep in the flesh..." would remove all doubt and ease those silly fears.


Many fish have worms, which is why Sushi is frozen before it is served. They don't bother the fish much, and very few fish worm species can live in humans. The tuna was presumably canned and therefore cooked, so the worm was just extra protein. If Tesco wants to do something about worms, maybe they can just serve them on the side.

What I want to know is, how did he get his four year old son to even eat tuna at all and not just a bag of Fritos?

I thought things like this were supposed to be a delicacy in countries that are not the United States? Or is that just in China?

Must be double cliche day. A real can of worms in a fine kettle of fish.

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