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March 28, 2009


Many of the doctors in training said they had learned the procedure from watching medical dramas.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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This looks like a job for McSteamy!

May I get a second opinion?

I hope none of them saw last night's Sarah Connor Chronicals where she uses defib paddles on each side of a guy's head.

Oh Joy!


*time of death - half past the cow's @ss*

But I saw it on tee veeeeeee!

Like, you go in for an emergency appendectomy and you have to wait an extra half hour while the surgeons make out in the storage room?

Ummmm .... there have been no TV shows dealing with colonoscopies, right?

Like, you go in for an emergency appendectomy and you have to wait an extra half hour while the surgeons make out in the storage room?

Posted by: Danny | March 28, 2009 at 10:19 AM

That is so true, Danny.

Meanie, didn't the perky Katie Couric have one live on tv?

Oh, and House likes to give them without anesthesia.

I just hope my dodctor doesn't watch "Scrubs". "Ma'm, your cancer is in repeats -
I mean remission!"

you know...one of my docs has little tv's in the exam room and i wondered why. if anyone needs me, i'll be looking for a new doctor.

good to find you Dave!! Great stuff....Jay

Meanie, The only ones that come to mind are Extremely Private Practice, Way Inside Edition, Unusually Candid Camera, and Very Dark Shadows.

I DID NOT make out with that doctor in the medicine room. Okay, maybe I did but it was worth you waiting for.

So...is this why I can't clean house by wiggling my nose??? I've been trying to get it right for years, now.

Alright! Who spilled the italics?


pogo's border collies must have been on the blog again. They broke it yesterday.

Even if new healers learn from the more experienced ones, they may still get it wrong. The problem is nobody can possibly learn everything about medicine today. As a result, we now have three principal types of medical practitioners:
1) Generalists, who know less and less about more and more, until they know nothing about everything.
2) Specialists, who know more and more about less and less, until they know everything about nothing.
3) Pathologists, who know everything about everything, but too late.

OK, so everything I know about HTML tags I learned from watching "The Soupy Sales Show." What's worse--that or learning neurosurgery from watching "General Hospital"?

Good to know they were so on the ball at teaching the correct method in the first place.

That was a response to Norman at 11:14. (The preview function on the old bot would tell you where your comment was going to land.)

During my c-section, my two doctors were trading stock tips in Spanish. I was awake. They assumed I didn't speak Spanish. Until I chimed in with my own stock tip. That rattled them.

I don't see the problem. We all get our news from Jon Stewart.

The dogs are innocent today. They have been out working in the rain. But I'll see whether this will fix it.


The good news is NBC is about done with ER. Not to be confused with E/R.

Clankazoid, actually I get my news from this blog.

The good news is that when I was young there wasn't much learnable stuff on tv,so I had to learn about girls using Braille.

They shoulda been watching McGyver.

Someone intubated the italics incorrectly.

I am the destroyer of italics.

Do y'all still see italics? I stop seeing them at the 11:14 post.

Fortunately, all the doctors around here were born, educated, and trained in India. So, no worries.

so, all the indian doctors have seen is e.r. reruns back when it was still good...


I wonder if this means caped vigilantes are all going to start dressing up less and wearing blue make up...

Hey they saw it on TV right?

I wouldn't mind if they use the "Dammitt, you are NOT gonna die on MY watch!" bit.

Lets try that again.

I wonder when the doctors will start mentioning needing those little scanner things from Star Trek. I know I want one.

Sheesh. Who broke the blog again?

I guess those docs never listened to Bones huh??

"I'm an actor, Jim...not a doctor!"

As was pointed out to Temperance Brennan, the other Bones, she isn't a medical doctor, either.

Most of Dr McCoy's scanners on ST:TOS were just leftover saltshakers from the episode with the salt vampire.

exactly why I don't watch "Medical shows"... drives me crazy
We actually teach the residents at our hospital without George Clooney's help.

right, ron... nothing like "hands on" experience

Ralph - ROFL

Punkin - that's my philospy, only in Shrinking, it's a discussion about "ethics" or "DNR/DNI"(do not intubate), which means I don't really have to know HOW to do that..

Oneblankspace- You mean you got access to those? I want one NOW! Oh, that's right, it prolly doesn't work on the brain..

Taking her salt shaker to work, and hoping never to intubate anyone, since 1979,--- EB - PSYCHIATRY ROCKS!

(These durn youngsters don't know how to practice medicine.. or at least how to avoid the worst of it!)

Back to "Scrubs" for my latest training on OCD!

Since I am apparently the only one here, I'll rattle on...
Pogo. Took my Border collie to the vet yesterday to check out a lump I found on her belly (probably nothing) She taught the vet how to intubate for when she has it removed next week. She is now busy inventing a better fly trap ( I left the door open) but is having trouble holding the protractor and compass at the same time while drawing.

The concept of "good TV" is mostly a fantasy, and it's definitely oxymoronic ... if the TV people are more interested in "excitement for the viewers" than they are for reality ... how does this explain the apparent popularity of the so-called "reality" shows ... ? ? ?

OH ... I get it ... LOGIC is also discarded, when TV shows up ...

EB if you want to learn about OCD you watch Monk.


Shuttle made it down! I thought I saw it, for a minute, but that was a turkey vulture.


Jazzz - The Border collies are secretly developing opposable thumbs. If (when) they succeed, we're doomed.

Those kids today! Now back in MY day you had to learn that stuff off the radio!

Who was the earliest doctor (principal character) in a regularly scheduled show on television? Was it Alex Stone?

No, I don't know why I come up w/this stuff?

I used to watch Dr. Who.

I thought it was Dr. Kildare...??

Uh-uh, Ron. Donna Reed was '58. Dr. Who was '63.

Kildare started in '61.

Was fun, but gotta' scoot...

Thanks, Sio. cg got me a hammock, and I have been, er, busy! Better get busy again...

Howzabout City Hospital, then The Doctor, then Medic?

Personally, I always liked Emergency!

Happy birthday, CJ!!!

God help us if they start learning from the ME's on the CSI/NCIS shows. We're all gonna have really long scars and some missing organs.

What's the big surprise? Most architects learn their trade from watching Lego's cartoons.

Medic with Dr. Conrad Styner (Richard Boone) is the earliest medical show that I recall.

Everything I know about getting away with murder I learned from Dragnet.


...and you're welcome :)

happy b'day CJ..... You gotta be 30 by now

Um, what's this make out in the storage room stuff about?

Well, we bloggers used to be able to fix italic, bold, etc spills, but the recent fiddling took that away from us. Judi, what's it take to convince the bit wranglers to restore that?

Just the facts, Horace

>> Clankazoid, actually I get my news from this blog.<<

I got my medical training from this blog.

I'll never tell Dr. Doogie.

Ouch! I thought they studied how to use it...

"The important lesson here is that we can't leave medical education to chance alone."

Really - had NOT thought of that...

*flaps in for a moment*


Happy birthday to you, dear CJ
Hope you had a relaxing day
In your hammock, a snooze
Now get up, grab your shoes
Take cg and dance the night away!

i got my boyfriend from this blog...happpy birthday sweetie.

okay CG.... the blog is not liable for the boy friend thingy and takes no responsibility for wild man CJ stalking courting you......
Oooooooo... you mean that in a good way !

Ducky..... check your e-mail

A special Birthday Recommendation for the one and only Mr. Run.

Earth hour is over in my part of the world and I participated with a total power outage.I calculate I saved 416 watts.Be still my beating heart.

Just wanted to answer your survey by saying that I have a weak left leg, and also never seem to be at events that require dancing. Montpelier.

Diva, I LOVE Emergency!!!

Station 51, 10-4, KMG365.

Anyone want a round of ringers lactate? How about a D-5-W cocktail?





Wait, wha? Why is it all tilty again?

Thanks for the birthday wishes, all.

My hammock mostly proved to provide the 10-year old with a fixed target to attack.

Meanwhile, I've completed the critical update on cg's desktop and my laptop. Everybody with a Windows/PC needs to get this done before midnight, March 31st/April 1st (preferably today, on a slow internet day). It took about an hour on cg's dsl and 2 hours for my laptop on an aircard. Anybody on a dial-up, get a hammock.

Here's your link. Get to it and watch a movie, or something, 'cause your computer will be too busy sucking down the 248 MB update to be used, until it's downloaded, installed, and you've re-started it.

Glad you had a good B-Day, CJ! Didn't know you were a swinger!

Morning all!

Tired today...up at 3 & 6 & 9.


CJ is right about the update. My company's IT dept. sent out the following warning to all employees strongly recommending the download for their HOME computers. They rarely worry about anything other than the company's gear.

In early March, security researchers identified a new version of the Conficker virus, called Conficker.C. This third variant of the virus, like its predecessors, exploits the vulnerability patched by Microsoft’s security bulletin MS08-067, released in October 2008. While not currently released, it has been confirmed that this virus will become active and malicious on April 1, 2009.

Conficker.C is a major revision of the original virus. This variant includes new functionality that ranges from new infection methods to disabling security tools. The Conficker.C virus will scan and kill processes for security products including disabling: firewalls, patch deployment, and antivirus software.

With today's mobile workforce, it is important that home systems are as protected as business systems.

The best defense is to apply Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 to eliminate the vulnerability. All Home "PC Administrators" should ensure every PC system (desktop and laptop) has the MS08-067 patch applied. Before trying to clean or detect any systems that may be infected with the Conficker virus, administrators must first apply the patch. Attempting to clean systems without first protecting them will only present a never-ending process of Virus removal. By applying MS08-067, administrators will then be able to start the task of scanning for infected devices and restoring them back to their desired state.

The patch that needs to be installed on your Home PCs and laptops is KB958644.

If you have not installed the MS08-067 patch on all systems before April 1st, and systems are infected, researchers claim that you will not be able to apply the patch to the infected systems. You will have to manually remove the virus and then apply the patch. This can leave your system open for re-attack in the timeframe between removing the virus and applying the patch.

Potential New Methods of Attack:
In addition to using internal networks as the means of attack, Conficker.C is believed to use P2P (Peer-to-Peer) networking to infect other vulnerable systems.

Forward this message to your personal home email account and download the Windows patch identified above.

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