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March 04, 2009


Man Distracted by Cher Shoots Wife

(Thanks to Alice)


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Hickory dickory dock
A man was cleaning his Glock
But then Cher smiled
The bullet went wild
Hickory dickory dock

Guns don't kill people, Cher kills people.

*why do I have to hit "refresh" when I click on "Comments" in order to actually SEE the comments?*

Wizzy: I don't know, but I'll bet Cher has something to do with it.

Why didn't he shoot Cher instead?? She's on her "2038th Final-Farewell-Goodbye-Last-One-I-Promise-This-Is-It" tour.

boy if I had a nickle for everytime that happened...

♫ Halfbleed... ♫

♫ I shot you, babe ♬


It "previewed" fine.

Cher has NEVER been distracting to me in any way. Annoying, like the Manilow dude, but not distracting.

Siouxie, you've invented musical notation for those flat Sonny & Cher harmonies on "I Got You Babe"! Way to go!

I see that, Allen. Very freaky, like the arrows up there.

Lester was Flat,--Earl was Scruggs.Not Sonny and Cher.

I'm almost tempted to use this excuse sometime.

Zombies would distract me, too.

For one brief, euphoric moment, I thought the headline was reversed.

Well, Cher can be a little distracting.

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