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March 30, 2009


Kosher tequila.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Cynthia and Baron vonKlyff)

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20 Things To Do With Matzoh

(Thanks to marfie)


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the matzah thing was hilarious. but if you eat too much of that stuff, your digestive system will be unhappy. also, it tastes like baked library paste. bleah.
and if anyone was looking for me in the last week, i was having a cardiac event followed by angioplasty. so i get to stay home for a while. sadly, ive been prohibited from heavy physical work or lifting for a couple weeks, so i wont be able to vacuum. and i had to quit smoking. so be prepared for snark.

Yeah, but if the margerita mix isn't Kosher then observant jews are still out of luck.

Good news. Mix with Magen David. What would you call it? Mebbe later.

queensbee, oy vey, such tsuris you have.
I hope you feel better and are up off your tushie soon.

OY is right! queenie, good to know you're on the mends! I hope you feel better!

*makes mental note to NO piss queenie off*

*carefully adds a 'T' up there*

thanks all.... i always figured this would happen, so it wasnt a shock. but i gotta tell ya, those 'medical professional' know it alls are a pain. and why do they want you to be quiet in a hospital - those people make more noise than a bunch of kindergarten kids. i was actually in a nice hospital - of my choosing - catholic hospital, where for some reason - and they didnt know my religious affiliation- they sent me a methodist chaplain.... my last name is very obviously jewish. but they never asked! i thought that was pretty funny.
then they sent a pakistani catholic deacon. i still didnt get that. but i dont think i wanted to talk to a rabbi anyway - that way lies madness!! vey is mir!

What NotSherly said, queesbee. Feel better soon, I mean it!

Loved the matzoh song.

And as for the tequila, l'chaim y'all!

queensbee, I hope you feel better very soon. Do what the doctor tells you to do. I hope you didn't read the post I sent in about doctors learning from t.v. I'm Catholic and have to tell you I've never heard of a pakastani Catholic deacon. And you're right about the noise level in a hospital. I've always said if you want to get any rest go home! Hospitals are notoriously loud. Especially 3rd shift. But really, feel better and take it easy.

Siouxie, what do you think about adding this Kosher tequila to the blog bar?


queensbee, glad to hear you're on the meds mends.

who needs margarita mix? you got your kosher tequila, you got your kosher salt, grab a lemon and your good!

This idea merits further research, cg.

What, no tequila and chicken soup?

LOL NotSherly! I'll hava nagila one!

tequila and matzaball soup??? nonono. a little tequila in the charroset. that might be nice.
and thanks for all the good wishes. the meds arent too bad. they reduce the cholesterol, etc. but no pain stuff. didnt need any.
i need to rest a little, but the best medicine, in addition to this blog, is being away from my creepy co-workers.!!!!

glad to know you're doing well, queensbee!

(let us know how the quit smoking thing works out?)

I might add that a full box of matzo makes an excellent door stop, but not such a good dog toy, unless you are looking to mulch your lawn with crumbs.

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