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March 29, 2009


Sink Hole Swallows Girl During Ballgame

(Thanks to Cynthia)


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Ground rule double for hitting it into the septic tank.

Cripes, where we used to play the septic system sinkhole was third base.

This might work in Miami for the new stadium. Only visiting teams ever hit the ball.

"OK, let's play #2!"

Doesn't she know you aren't supposed to slide in to first base? Good grief. Also, the article doesn't mention whether the other kids considered her safe or out.

She was safe, once she was out.

*SNORK!@Martini for the Ernie Banks reference*

If you build it, they will sink.....

Talk about hitting with your foot in a bucket.

There's the cellar, and then there's the septic tank.

And Charlie Brown thought his team stank.

It was meant to catch players from Detroit.

When life gives you pits, fall in them.

Shortstops often have to play deep in the hole.

The third base coach accidently signaled " sinkhole " .

Certainly is a good thing the Oregon Educational Department has such high standards, and all their students (parents and grandparents also) have such a fine command of spoken American English ... otherwise, her friends might not have known what to do ...

O'what a slow blog day.

And then my coach said "Look, a hole!". But I didn't quite realize what he meant....

So...who won the game?

So...who won the game?

Take me out to the ball gaaaaaaaaa. . .

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