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March 31, 2009


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Once the cement dries the car would be swimming with the fishes except there is not a lot of water there in Texas.

God forbid they dirtied up the Mercedes.

*eye roll*

I hope it's really quick curing concrete.

I actually know someone that this happened to in NYC. Pranksters had removed a barrier blocking a newly concreted block, and my coworker turned right into it on his way to see his mom. This guy was the unluckiest person I have ever met. Stuff like this happened to him all the time. Everyone at the office eventually learned not to ask him "So, how is everything?"

The gender of the driver is suspiciously absent.

Also missing is the hair color of the driver, shellinoz...

I honestly think they had just cause to Tase the driver. Or the cell phone, at least.

There's a great cop video where a young woman first refuses to pull over for a cop, then refuses to get off her cell phone to talk to the cop. He tased her after 6-10 warnings. No jury in the world would convict that cop after seeing the video.

Incredibly, cell phones were apparently involved.

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