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March 21, 2009


New Jersey Scraps Plan To Ban Genital Waxing

Key Quote: "Just stay out of our pants, will you?"

(Thanks to RussellMc and Jeff Meyerson)


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If I had a nickel for every time I had to say that...


Can anyone lend me enough to buy coffee?

Without sufficient coffee, "Genital Waxing" looked at first as if it said "Global Warming". Which just tells you that I've got privates change on my mind a lot.

So ... a salon-keeper (not saloon-keeper) in Philadelphia wuz near panic becuz the gummint wuz gonna ban this in NJ ... ? ? ?

Do R eastcoasters learn geography?

Or did they suspend the (economic) law of Supply and Demand?

Sorry ... I can't quite grasp the logic -- or lack thereof -- in this lament ...

I was going to send the politicians a package of products from local merchants as a form of protest. Now what do I do with a garage filled with spent wax strips full of hair?????

Don't worry MShark, your hair will grow back. Just melt them down, strain the wax and use it again.

So ... a salon-keeper (not saloon-keeper) in Philadelphia wuz near panic becuz the gummint wuz gonna ban this in NJ ... ? ? ?

Cherry Hill is across the Delaware from Philly. It's more a suburb of Camden. Unless you count Camden as a suburb of Philly. The famous Cherry Hill Inn was a hangout for Frank Sinatra.

I'd think salon waxers in Pennsylvania would be ecstatic at all the business they'd be picking up, thanks to the busybodies in the New Jersey legislature...

...And whatever happened to all the "Keep your laws off my body!" and "Keep your hands off my uterus!" people, anyway?

O the U,
I't sad but true,
geography from the New England point of view:
East of the Hudson River is best,
The rest is . . . The West.

NotSherly - when my family moved from Brooklyn to Essex County NJ, all my friends got change of address notices telling them that we'd moved "Out West".

And believe me, nobody wants to be a suburb of Camden. One day, Camden will just change its name to East Philadelphia in hope of fooling everyone.

Banning genital waxing is just the first step toward banning genitals and when genitals are banned only perverts will have...........

Howdy there, Meanie.

Americans have had a problem with geography since independence. In case you didn't know, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the northeastern part of Minnesota are in the Northwest.

New Yorkers are the worst. Anyone who grew up in "The City" considers anything north of the Bronx as "Upstate." A friend who used to work for the NY state government had a problem with a printing job -- the printer said he couldn't get the whole map of the state on the page so he left out "Cuba," which turned out to be Long Island. The printer was in Brooklyn, which does not consider itself to be part of Long Island (or Cuba), despite the East River.

Now what do I do with a garage filled with spent wax strips full of hair?????

Two words: eBay.

If they ban bikini waxing, people will try to wax themselves. This will be dangerous.

This is terrible! A travesty! Oh wait. A New Jersey ban on Genital 'w-a-x-i-n-g? Not wacking?


Horace, having lived 4 blocks outside of Camden, I can testify that being a susburb of Camden was no picnic. Camden is like a small Detroit. Much crime and fires. There is one good neighborhood, and they are trying riverfront development...an aquarium,minor lesgue aseball stadium, a music ampitheatre, but, you still have to get through a blighted city to get to it. or, take a ferry from Philadelphia.

Oh, you want posts in English. I can do that. "Too much crime and too many arson fires." and "minor league baseball stadium"

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