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March 31, 2009


A Norwegian church used lemon-flavoured cola instead of water in a baptism ceremony after its taps were temporarily turned off because of freezing temperatures, daily Vaart Land said on Tuesday.

"Vaart Land?"

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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In the name of the father, son and lemon twist.

"...In the name of the Fanta, the soda, and the Holy Sprite."

"...In the name of the Fanta, the soda, and the Holy Sprite."

Ha! Would have beaten Marg, but Type Crap booted me. ^5

No Skyy vodka around? What kind of Norwegians are they?

I came here expecting to see many Vaart jokes. Whut'z up pipples?

Ve don't make fun of ze names, Baron.

No Holy Water! Pepsi!

LOL Meanie.

Add a little rum & I can deal with that.

Skyy vodka? No, Aquavit!!!!

If the kid wants to become a Viking, that'll be 15 Aquavits w/beer chasers for each...

Dem Norvegians sure are clever. Ja, sure, you betcha!!

Vaart is pronounced "VORT." Not really that funny. Not even when followed by "klatu barada nikto."

The Cherry Coke they save for funerals.

... and vanilla coke for weddings, of course.

Faintly lemon-flavored water (lemon "squash") is big in Europe. Personally I'd say this baptism was more memorable than the norm in Norwåy, where the åverage wåter temperåture is minus 8Ø,ØØØ degrees Kelvin...

Where's a Mentos when you need one?

Allen, how did you get all the neat symbols over your words? I'm still trying to figure out how to make a link.

*SNORK* @ Margarita, Sharkie, Allen and Annie!!

Hey Mina - have you checked to see if your "Remember personal info?" box is still checked ?

and yet, still better than the nautical custom of breaking a bottle of champagne against the child.

Cindy, it's not a trick of HTML--just a copy/paste from a web article on Scandinavian alphabet. For example, here...

Telecom, yes. I'm trying something new now, though!

Let's see how this works now.

Nope. No dice. I wonder if when people get married this church sprays them with Lemon Pledge?

This just doesn't sound kosher to me.

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