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March 30, 2009



(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie, both of whom note that alcohol may have been involved)


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Has the first album "High Street" been released by 14 Sozzled Students yet?

That thing is a little hard to hide, not matter how sozzled they were.

MIT students would never have been caught.

Now had they coordinated their appropriation with a Naked Pole Vault run, no one would have noticed them.

I like that word,"sozzled". Been there,done that.

Hmmmm....I always thought dinosaurs were heavier.

And I thought I'd need Algebra in life, too.

MIT students would have that dinosaur parachute into the middle of the Harvard football stadium. Swozzled amateurs!

Serioushly, occifer, we're paletomogolists, er, palmeto-, platomelogi -, er dinoshaur schientishts.

*wipes spit from occifer's face*

They said they were sorry! So does this mean no charges were pressed?

Were any of them named Timmons?

Gotta wonder if (Inspector) Fry is related to (Student) Fry ...

I had to explain a lot of stuff about how I'd gotten in trouble to my parents, but never about stealin' a dinosaur ...

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